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  dthead Site Admin

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This is a moderator message, so I hope someone reads this.

Everyone has a right to post in any public thread, including this one. However over time it is clear the main poster in this thread has been questioned extensively and his personal circumstances been  quietly questioned.

I will put to everyone if you all did not react, and post, this thread would   not be current, or worried about.  Remember it is i the armchair expert - it's only a what if.  It is not mainstream, but a theory for now.  It does not need to be factual  and can stay as is - it is affecting no one as long as the poster stays here and not all over the forum as originally happened.

No one HAS to post here, unless one is up to just teasing, or stirring.  We do not need to judge the subject. We can simply dismiss it and move on.

So we can let it lie, can we not ?

( no discussion of my post here please, most of you can PM me if really needed )

Update:  Being human (!) I forgot to add that I am not targeting any post who has been in this thread. It has just been a general trend I have noticed - I do follow this thread as a Mod.

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  eddyb Chief Train Controller

French TGV losing $3b per year
Japanese big maglev tunnels only 5m per day
Hyperloop insufficient capacity
Only Magtube the magnificent is the answer
Maybe the greens would make it their platform?
  eddyb Chief Train Controller
  eddyb Chief Train Controller

I do not understand why Hyperloop do not just build big trains to feed any residual air to the electrically powered jet compressor at the end of the tunnel like Magtube.

Some very smart people have investigated it and Swissmetro but neither of them have thought of this.

Yes there is a downside that trains would only leave on half hour frequency but as only one tunnel would be required the fare would be half.

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