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All one can say is if a manufacturer is that precious and wants only good things said about them then it might be better if they never made any models. I don't mean any specific manufacturer here though but there will always be critism's of models as no model is ever perfect in the first place! Submitting a model to Model Railroader for instance they over a model to review it with a fine tooth comb and if something is not right they point it out. That way the manufacturer can if possible correct it or later get a better scale model made. Far too many people today all want a glowing response to something when really a truthful look at the same thing can  and does result in something different. EBay is a classic example of this put that what ever you bopught was not packed properly and was damaged in transit or something and the person who put up the original sale will remove a so called negative response. What is negative about it if it is the truth, are we that wrapped in cotton wool these days that no one wants to hear the truth any more. Sad if that is the case and I doubt very much even if I said the model was poor whether it would affect sales of anything one person in 17m or more.

I was not having a go at SDS by the way, the original project was an Austrains project and SDS simply inherited it along with all the other ex Austrains stuff. But back when Austrains first announced their first ever SAR model it was also a bit of a shock in what they chose to make as most SAR modellers where either BG modellers or NG modellers with a few SG modellers in the pot and it is still a bit like here!.

The model itself is nice, now that it has eventually been bought out by SDS. But they only have inherited the model from elsewhere not gone and got it made from the ground up as all that would have been done by Austrains. Austrains I think had it put on the back burner  several times till other models they had got made and the great Chinese factory game of Chinese Checkers was resolved. So I am not putting SDS down about eventually getting it out, more having a go at Austrains for choosing it in the first place really.

At the time it was first announce by Austrain's it was seen as a bit of a weird choice even by modelers here, some would want them yes, but most of the rest modeled SAR as it was and most models where of local prototype stations. I have seen plenty of SAR modeled stations for the Southline, North BG lines or branches over the years as I have also seen quite a few NG ones as well, but actual full standard gauge stations or layouts seem to be the odd one out here as most of the interesting ones to model where quite large and not able to be fitted into a normal shed or room easily. Really unless you are modelling Pt Pirie, Peterborough or Broken Hill the stations that were between them were whistle stops really on the SG line. All three are way to big to model though and even if you compress them you still have to leave a heck of a lot out. Yes I have seen one SG model railway layout by a South Australian, but the station modeled was completely fictitious but well done just the same!

Of all the standard gauge rollingstock that SAR had, why did Austrains choose the SOC wagon to test the water in the first place, it does seem a odd choice does it not, especially if you want to do other SAR model.  If it flopped a bit and every manufacturer at some time has had a flop of a model, then it would simply prove that SAR models were not viable, but SAR models do sell as Orient Express, Auscision and others have proved! There were plenty of others that actually made it on to BG or interstate that could and can still can be made!

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"Another wagon we've been developing for 2018 is the WAGR WGX open wagon. This model will feature both internal and external detail of the doors and end mouldings, it'll also feature a etched stainless steel floor overlay to represent the chequer plate flooring." - via
  Poath Junction Chief Commissioner

Location: In front of a computer most of the time.

"The first Engineering prototype of our 81 class arrived recently, we are extremely delighted with the attention to detail our guys paid to our design specification. We have carried over the diecast metal chassis, bogie gear tower and bogie sideframes from the Austrains model. To ensure speed compatability and haulage capability, with earlier Austrains 81 and G class, we've even sourced the same can motor that was used by Austrains." - via