Ode to a Railwayman

  Lockspike Deputy Commissioner

Looking amongst my stored artefacts today, I found a copy of a poem which I originally saw on a noticeboard in a Rail infrastructure Corporation Division Engineer's office about 1998.

Ode to a Railwayman

The railwayman is a dying breed
Stifled and ruined by a greedy creed
Bureaucrats who think they know
How to run the bloody show

Days are gone when loyalty was there
Now replaced by people who just don't care
Work for a manager who treats you like sh*t
Get the redundancy and be told this is it

Total mismanagement from the top
Sometimes I wonder if it will ever stop
Get rid of the people who really care
Replace them with dills, it's really not fair

Employ a new manager and bugger the cost
Another country office will then be lost
The question of competence is not a concern
As long as the manager can serve out his term

The state of the track is diminishing fast
The obvious fact is that it cannot last
Another Granville will be the result
No doubt the manager is worth his salt

One day the government will see the result
Of policies that are bringing the railways to a halt
Old time fettlers would turn in their grave
Thinking about the railway no-one would save


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  YM-Mundrabilla Minister for Railways

Location: Mundrabilla but I'd rather be in Narvik
Oh how very true Lockspike.
Someone obviously cared.
The sale of National Rail was the last straw for rail as a career in this country.
Crying or Very sad

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