Townsville Mayor calls for the standardisation of the Mt Isa Line

  RTT_Rules Dr Beeching

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if it goes ahead, there will need to be significant loading gauge increase and probably some divergences from the Origanal alinement. Not to mention Re sleeping Variable gauge sleepers and will it create any gauge orphans, ect. I'm sure we all know that Never-less It shall cost a lot of $$$$$$$$ to do wether you agree with it or not.
Which is why it won't go ahead.

Divergences are a separate issue and separate budget. If it was viable or so important if should happen regardless of the rail spacing width.

Conversion of NG to SG is more expensive than might seem as the foundation of the track will likely need to be widened. Will need 1000km of new sleepers and every set of points along the way rebuilt.

And at end of day, how many extra tonnes will this increase capacity, 0t!!!!

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  Dangersdan707 Chief Commissioner

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same here in Victoria, were we have an obsessive Standardisation policy, though many would beg to differ
  tazzer96 Deputy Commissioner

The standardization and some realignment of the Mt Isa line makes sense.  However those from down south should remember that Queensland railways were built for a maximum speed of only 80km/h.   That blanket speed limit still existing not too long ago.   Anything that has a curve radius that allows for higher speeds was more or less and accident.   The Mt Isa line has some sections which are desperately in need of rebuilding due to flooding.
  Sulla1 Chief Commissioner

I'm not sure curvature is the biggest problem for the Mt Isa line, it features long tangents, even on the hilly Townsville to Charters Towers section. Deviations throughout the 1960s and 1990s has removed the worse curves, I don't think there are many curves posted for under 60km/h now and the ruling grade has been 1 in 90 since the 1960s upgrades. The biggest impact on train speed outside of the blacksoil plains and 41kg rail around Julia Creek is the 25km/h trailable points that require every train to slow for every crossing loop for the enforced righthand running through each yard. Replacing those turnouts and the righthand running would improve train performance and handling markedly, particularly now there's only ten or so trains a day using the line.

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