Crossing bell seal material

  Stuart47 Beginner

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  allan Chief Commissioner

It looks like felt, to me. It may have been oiled, originally.
  gordon_s1942 Chief Commissioner

Location: Central Tablelands of NSW
One thing I would not do is to disturb with out taking precautions it as it looks very like a 'rope' seal using asbestos around the doors of a stove.

The chances of it being asbestos is fairly remote but rather than take the risk, I would try and remove it using all the safety procedures for handling asbestos.
You would have no idea of what was used originally or has it been replaced over the years ??

Play safe, Asbestosis is not something to disregard.
  neillfarmer Train Controller

From your photos it does not look like asbestos. However until this is proven you should treat the seal as if it was. Asbestos has straight, needle like fibres. These can break up into smaller straight needle like fibres and this can continue on until they become microscopic.
As the seal is already exposed and flaking a way to seal the material needs to be found while a course of action is determined.
There is still a lot of asbestos about 'safely' encased by a variety of means. Most people with an OH&S, engineering or mechanical trade would be experienced in identifying asbestos, I would strongly advise it being checked out before attacking it to replace it.
There are other materials that were used to replace asbestos, some of these are also hazardous so even though the material may not be asbestos taking suitable precautions is still needed.
Neill Farmer
  Valvegear The Ghost of George Stephenson

Location: Norda Fittazroy
I agree - it does not look like asbestos.  There is a company named Garlock which produces a large number of gasket materials. You could send the photo to one of the Garlock Australia offices and perhaps someone there could help.

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