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  Salevr Beginner

WTB OR SWAPMy as new Auscision Railmotor Walker 280 hp is too big for my layout.
Am willing to swap it for Walker 102hp or 153hp or buy one without trailer.

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  VR_King Junior Train Controller

Looking to swap a weathered steam era dcc J class for a brass loco or rolling stock.

Pics will be sent on request
  Big Mikado Beginner

Location: South Oz

I have two brand new Auscision 830's (SAR 830 (test run once only) and SAR 835 (still factory wrapped)) with factory DCC and sound which I am considering swapping for the same as straight DC equipped. Naturally there would be a $ difference to be sorted too. PM me if interested to discuss.

  eetypefour Beginner

I'm looking to see if anyone's interested in doing some trades before I list the following couple of items for sale.

I'm looking for;
- Auscision ABSY (SCT White) - 1x, possibly more...
- Auscision ABFX - 1x, any colour as long as it doesn't have the signage attached to the side (eventual kitbash for an ARBY)
- Auscision PQFY flat (red) - 1x - I'd really love to find one of the ones made up with the refuelling tankers, but I am a realist.... A plain flat in red would be great. Would also consider a single 'rectangular hole' RQKY in NR/PN grey (out of SCW-11 or SCW-9)

To offer as tribute, I have the following: (apologies if the images don't appear as they ought to - I don't normally have issues with BBcode via Flickr but evidently it's not my lucky day)



- Auscision PWWY 0024-H - brand new, hasn't been unwrapped from the packaging (will come with the original box/packaging)
- Auscision 293 CP in WCR - brand new, hasn't been unwrapped from the packaging (will come with the original box/packaging)
- Powerline 2 VFS carriage in Blue/Gold - virtually brand new, never actually put on track (has been living in an Auscision Gold box for the last few months), I'm more interested in the WCR scheme. I have the original outer box but - unintelligently - I seem to have disposed of the plastic cradle from inside. I have super-soft wrapping foam to be able to protect it in transit.

I might possibly have my arm twisted to offer up a 2nd PWWY and a 48' high-cube container (SCT livery - surprise surprise) but I'm quite satisfied in keeping three out of the 4-pack.

PM if you have any of the things I'm looking for (and if any of my items take your interest) and I'd be happy to work something out. Can arrange local pickup at South Morang, or near work in Docklands/CBD Melbourne, otherwise we can discuss postage.
  pjknife Assistant Commissioner

Location: Port Lincoln
Would like to swap an Auscision AHGX (second series, AHGX 53-132) for an Auscision AHGX (first series, AHGX 1-52).

I'm after an AHGX or MHGX in the 1-52 number range, with the later ground-operated lid. Any colours or numbers. Specifically, an Auscision model of MHGX 5, 8, 13, 18, 41 or 50 or AHGX 15 or 45.

Am offering a mint, unused AHGX 118 in AN green/yellow with AN logo and red bogies, with original individual roof hatch covers.

Will pay postage both ways. Please PM if you're interested.

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