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  Thjomca Beginner

Hello everyone..I couldn't find  anything covering my queries so hope this hasn't been covered already. Female 47, after 22 yrs as a prison guard it's time to move interstate and find a new career. Wanting to move to the South Coast of NSW..Cobargo/Narooma areas. Upon my google search it appears there are no trains down that way altho others are saying there is...I would like to apply as a train driver (used to 12 hr shifts, non drinker, non smoker, used to urine tests/drug tests as part of current job, non gambler and no pets/no commitments). I actually have no idea what's involved or the shift rotations..I don't mind working away for 2 weeks on and then returning home for a week if that's how the rosters work.... I am reading there are train driver shortages but getting the impression they need drivers living in Sydney.... Would rather move to a different area to apply for  train driver training but am hoping where I would like to relocate might be a viable option or at least somewhere rural as not a keen on city living. Hoping somebody can advise me.. Thank you.

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  simstrain Chief Commissioner

There are no trains to the Narooma area. The closest stations would be Canberra and Bomaderry which are roughly 200km's away. There might be a bus service to these stations.

If you want to be a train driver in NSW then you really need to be based in Sydney or somewhere not that far away from Sydney.
  steve_w_1990 Junior Train Controller

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The South Coast of NSW is absolutely stunning, and I can definitely appreciate why you'd want to move there, however, be forewarned that full time jobs on the coast are few and very far between.

Youth unemployment is some of the worst in the state in that area, and most of the towns rely on the Sydney tourist dollar to survive.

I spend my childhood growing up in Gerringong and had to move to WA to find full time work after years of applying for jobs in any discipline I could find. The only work I could find was casual and usually involved working away from home.
  BFCYU Chief Train Controller

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Hi Thjomca.

The best place to seek work in the NSW South Coast (in the public sector) could be NSW Transport jobs: "I work for NSW". This below site is only an example [but inc.different non rail jobs and positions there in various NSW Govt sectors and sometimes far South Coast]

NSW Train Link advertise in this for Railway Station Staff occasionally at Wollongong or Southern Highlands/Canberra region.  

If You really wanted to become a train driver either on the passenger trains (like Sydney trains; ie. an extensive course over 6 months) or a trainee freight train driver (with various or big organisations like Pacific National or Aurizon)  best way is to check their websites.
Unfortunately you would have to be based in Sydney and regional or interstate positions. They also offer "ground crews eg shunters etc"
(but next to nothing on the NSW South Coast)

The "Fly in/out or 2 week rosters" are usually offered (only) to train drivers with many years experience & qualifications.
ie to drive heavy freight train haulage in remote areas of Aust.

I hope this may help a little in your search.

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