90th anniversary Fokker FVIIb-3m Southern Cross

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Saturday 9 June 2018 is the 90th anniversary for the Fokker FVIIb-3m NC1985 Southern Cross' 9 June 1928 historic first crossing of the Pacific Ocean by air. The crew comprised Australian co-Commanders Charles Kingsford Smith and Charles Ulm, and Americans navigator Harry Lyon and radio operator James Warner. Presume folks know the plane is on display at Brisbane Airport

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Tomorrow, 9 June, marks the 90th anniversary of the completion of first Trans-Pacific Flight. Charles Kingsford-Smith (pilot) and his 3 man crew C.T.P. Ulm (co-pilot), Captain Harry Lyon (Navigator) and James Warner (Radio operator) set out to make the first Trans-Pacific flight from the USA to Australia. They flew a tri engine Fokker named the Southern Cross.
The Southern Cross left Oakland, California at 8.53 am on 31 May 1928 bound for Honolulu. It landed at 9.49 am on 2 June and then left on the second leg bound for Suva, Fiji at 5.20 am on 3 June 1928. They landed in Suva’s Albert Park at 2.21pm on Tuesday 4th June 1928 after flying 3138 miles in 34 and half hours. They then completed the final leg arriving at Brisbane’s Eagle Farm Airport at 1050 the following day, 9th June 1928.
Tomorrow an Alliance Airlines’ Fokker 100, in a special commemorative livery, will retrace the final part of that historic flight and land at Brisbane Airport at 1050, exactly 90 years to the minute of the historic Southern Cross landing.

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The Fokker F100 is a lovely aircraft to fly on if one ever gets the chance.Smile
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You can also celebrate the day with a commemorative beer:


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I think Qantas did a re-enactment using a new 737-800 on its delivery flight some time back. They flew from Oakland to Honolulu to Nadi to Brisbane. Not sure if it was on an anniversary though.

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