Toilets in UK trains?

  Brianr Assistant Commissioner

Location: Dunedin, New Zealand
I have been watching a program on TV here in NZ, not sure if shown in Australia. It is on Paddington Station. I have been there and will be spending quite a bit of time there in August/September this year.
In last week's program there was a derailment of the last motor car of a train and considerable delay occurred as on a Sunday they waited for a cleanup crew to deal with human waste on the track before the technicians, understandably, could get to work. Then this week they showed regular maintenance of the tracks between the platforms which included cleaning the human waste away. Actually a scene I could have done without viewing. Sad
It surprises me, as all the trains shown are fairly modern and I would have thought they would all have retention tanks. Even our  heritage trains here in Dunedin have tanks and we have to assure passengers they can use the toilets at any time. Some become concerned when they see the water from the washbasins going on the line. I would have thought all trains in regular modern service today in the UK would have holding tanks.

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  justapassenger Chief Commissioner

A fair portion of the long distance work out of Paddington is handled by the legacy InterCity 125 fleet which dates back to the mid 1970s.

When retention tanks became compulsory for new trains in Britain in the early 1990s, it was not envisaged that any of the IC125 fleet (only ever intended as a stop gap for the failing APT project) would be in operation for any more than a few years so they were grandfathered in. Had it been known then that they would still be going well past 2000 and heading for 2020, I'm sure that the decision then would have been very different.

Paddington won't have this problem for long, as the IC125 fleet is being phased out of GWR service. This will leave Kings Cross and Liverpool Street as the only London terminals still afflicted with drop toilet rolling stock, and with both of those fleets also soon to be replaced with modern stock.
  apw5910 Deputy Commissioner

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What do heritage trains in Britain have?
  justapassenger Chief Commissioner

Some charter operators have retrofitted tanks to their fleet, some still have dump toilets.

There's a deadline, I believe at the end of next year, after which dump toilets will have to be locked out of use.
  Brianr Assistant Commissioner

Location: Dunedin, New Zealand
Thanks for the information. I was surprised.
  Nightfire Minister for Railways

Location: Gippsland
Just how common was It to see In the Main Street of a town, someone's dirty stinking bodily waste strune across the pavement for everyone to see and smell ?

Or were railway workers on to It cleaning It up, as soon as It was noticed / reported ?

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