Heron Resources opts for rail over road for Woodlawn Mine

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  bevans Site Admin

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Looks like an interesting project and i am wondering if the loading point here

was for the mine in the first place?

Heron Resources opts for rail over road for Woodlawn Mine

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  mikesyd Chief Commissioner

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When Woodlawn operated before, loading was done at sidings in Tarago. There was no branch out to the mine, probably due to the rising terrain in between.

One assumes that will be the case with the latest proposal.
  nscaler69 Deputy Commissioner

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Going by the Goulburn Post full article, loading point is Goulburn.

Goulburn Post "Trucks will still travel from the Collector Road facility, some 10km west of Tarago, along Bungendore Road to Tarago and then the 40km along Braidwood Road to Goulburn. Crawfords has a siding near the Braidwood Road rail hub where containers can be stored."
  bingley hall Minister for Railways

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The site identified by bevans is a private siding used for unloading the garbage trains from Sydney. I doubt as it is currently configured that it would be suitable for another intermodal operator.

Weasel words..........Do they mean that the the ore will be moved by rail from the vicinity of Tarago, or do they mean it will be roaded to Goulburn to be loaded onto the existing Crawfords service to Port Botany?
  bevans Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Further info for reference

  mikesyd Chief Commissioner

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As I was down that way today, I went to have a look.

The loop and siding at Tarago are intact. No idea what the two wagons represent. I 'think' that Woodlawn used to load here in its previous life.


Crisps Creek, just over 1km towards Canberra is where the Garbage train is unloaded. Main Line, Loop, and another siding with a large hardstand area in the middle. The two locos were shut down, not attached to the wagons behind, all quiet, though some people around the gate area.


Woodlawn is about 10km west, and the terrain between would make building a siding/branch rather expensive. The Ore reserves in the mine and its expected lifespan would have a bearing also.

I gather that the Goulburn site is in the area near the Wagon Workshops.
  apw5910 Deputy Commissioner

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The two green wagons have been there for donkey's years. They have a sign attached saying they are for weighbridge testing, so they're probably just a standard known mass load.

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