Watco wins GrainCorp's Queensland contract

  Sulla1 Chief Commissioner

I wonder if Watco is talking to Tasrail about the 2050s as well.
After all, they bought the two D's from them.

The 2050s (former QR 2150s) in their current unmodified form are too heavy for all of the Western and South Western grain lines, although they could be used on the Central Queensland lines apart from the Clermont (Capella) Branch. Reducing fuel tank capacity to that of the 2170Fs would be necessary to make weight - a little bit of work, but nothing that hasn't been done before.

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  Bulbous Assistant Commissioner

.... Of course, the MPI units were so late that Watco got three more units in compensation.

Just to correct the thread, the MPI units in WA were purchased and are owned by CBH Group, not Watco. The extra units also went to CBH Group, not Watco.

Watco had been leasing spare units for the infrastructure trains in WA from CBH, and now have three SG units and two NG units of their own to use for those trains (and the port shuttles).


  Sulla1 Chief Commissioner

Watco has released further information - they will be obtaining 128 wagons, which probably suggests three sets in operation.
  james.au Chief Commissioner

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Which is consistent with what Aurizon provided to GrainCorp.

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