South Australian 500 and 600 Class Cars - Current Owner and Location

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I'm trying to confirm the current owner and location of the former South Australian Railways (SAR) 500 and 600 Class Cars - particularly Car 501.

I believe that their current owner and location is as follows:

500 - Steamrail Victoria - Newport
501 - Boyd Munroe - Location unknown
502 - Steamrail Victoria - Newport
503 - SteamRanger (SA) - Victor Harbour Line
600 - Steamrail Victoria - Newport
601 - Steamrail Victoria - Newport
602 - Steamranger (SA) - Victor Harbour Line
603 - Steamrail Victoria - Dimboola turntable
604 - Steamrail Victoria - Dimboola turntable
605 - Steamrail Victoria - Dimboola turntable
606 - Steamrail Victoria - National Railway Museum - Port Adelaide (Is it on display?)
607 - Steamrail Victoria - Newport

I also understand that (and it would be great if this could be confirmed) that:

The vestibule at one end of 501 has been converted to an open verandah.

Cars 601 and 607 are now Dining Cars and, unlike the other 500 and 600 Class cars, were fitted with air-conditioning when owned by Northern Rivers Railroad for their Ritz Rail service (which ran between May 1999 and December 2002).

I also believe that cars 501, 502, 601, 604, 605 and 607 are equipped to run off Head End Power only and this has been the case since they were owned by Steam Age Victoria (The operator of "The Melbourne Limited" between 1985 and 1987). I assume that the other cars still depend on their axle driven generators for power.


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I believe that Boyd Munro still owns 501 and that it has been stored at the CFCLA workshops at Goulburn between periodic runs.
Boyd Munro bought 501 directly from the sale of former Melbourne Express/Southern Cross Express cars. It never went to NRR.

It was for a time named "Terror Australis" but this has been changed to the more politically correct "Terra Australis".
It has had one vestibule converted to an open platform as has the matching 700 class car "Crux Australis".

As far as I know, the Steamrail vehicles stored at Newport are all broad gauge and those at Dimboola are all standard gauge.

The C class tour to Albury some time ago used all of the standard gauge vehicles, as far as I know.
This included 601 and 607 which were used as sitting cars and were standard gauge then. Is it possible these aren't at Newport?
Or have they been converted back to broad gauge?
601 and 607 were fitted with air conditioning when on the "Melbourne Limited" or "Southern Cross Express" service.
They were definitely air conditioned when used on the first run of the "SCE".

The SAR Commisioner's car "Murray" was converted to standard gauge by AN and ran on 500/600 class bogies on SG.
It has been preserved with its original broad gauge bogies.

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Car 602 has been heavily modified (internally) to act as a Buffet car on SHR services. It has also (very) recently been fitted with a 240v genset to provide 240v power to the buffet. The 32v system still remains for lighting.

Car 606 is owned by the National Railway Museum, not SRV.. and it is on display.
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Boyd Munro's two cars were in Goulburn Workshops Yard last Saturday...

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Boyd Munro's two cars were in Goulburn Workshops Yard last Saturday...


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