Can't get MSTS to run on Windows 10

  cityrail-rulez Chief Train Controller

Ok! So I brought a new laptop with Windows 10 on it and of course I am having some problems getting MSTS to even run
I can get Tools & Editors to run without any drama's but as soon as I click on that shortcut it just crashes without any error messages

Sadly I cannot return to my Windows 7 laptop because the Hard Drive is making some strange noises, screen is flickering and the CPU or GPU fan whatever it's bloody called stops when I turn on my laptop considering I have spare fans and can fix this problem

So as I said I brought a new laptop with Windows 10 (64 bit) and just cannot work out any way to get MSTS to even load
Can someone please help! Or I will just simply throw away this garbage called MSTS and find a better train simulator game other than that crap Trainz

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  marhleet Train Controller

I have the tracks and signals from ARHS that won't run, earlier on WinXP and now on Win10
try some google on things and note the MS add-ons that might be tweaked to get it to work
  superheatedsteam Assistant Commissioner

Location: Perth, WA
Check out this thread.

What sort of video card have you got in the laptop?  MSTS does not like some of the basic onboard GPU's that come with laptops.

Also check Event Viewer.  If you are getting crash to desktop a Windows event would normally be thrown.  Focus on the first event thrown for the probable cause.
  marvin Assistant Commissioner

Location: Mars... "The Earth? Oh, the Earth will be gone in just a few seconds!"
Some possible solutions...

for your laptop:
> partition the hard drive and install an earlier Operating System that your MSTS worked with. That way when you start the laptop, you get a choices of which operating system to use. If doing this consider using one of the lite / cut-down version of the win OS. At the moment I cannot think of the name, but there is/was a good one for stripping out most of the junk that you don't need. (Disadvantage of 2nd OS: you cannot use your laptop for anything re{ your win10 system while MSTS is running.

> I'm not into it but isn't there a system of running a virtual machine / emulation that makes it look like a an earlier version.

Note: that if your MSTS doesn't like your graphics card in the laptop (mentioned by superheatedsteam above, then the above.

for your desktop:
> does it also have an onboard graphics / video port as well as the a separate graphics / video card? If so try using the onboard and see if the monitor is working OK. The flickering may be the fault of the graphics / video card. If this is not possible, could you get a friend to test the monitor on their rig? If you have a good computer shop that is into parts and repairs, perhaps ask if they can test to see if the monitor is OK.

> If the monitor is OK, and you were happy with your present MSTS set-up on the desktop, consider an SSD to replace the failing hard drive. Never underestimate the value of have a second computer.

Apart from here at Railpage, try asking your question regarding you .puter rig and laptopover on the appropriate firum at (Whirlpool Brand forums)

Let us know how you get on

  cityrail-rulez Chief Train Controller

I checked out that Event Viewer and could not find nothing relating to MSTS, I checked and checked again and did not find anything

My laptop has Nvidia graphics with 4GB's of graphics memory so I don't really know why MSTS will not load for me, considering Nvidia is best for MSTS

I've even downloaded and installed Direct X 9.0c and still nothing works?

MSTS Tools & Editors work normally except for using the mouse to rotate the camera in Route Editor?

I've also discovered that I don't have full privileges, permissions or administration rights over all folders and files, although my account is Administrator and I have turned off that annoying User Account Control but it's still turned On just set to Never Notify

I am thinking of upgrading my Windows 10 "Home Edition" to "Professional" to see if that would fix the administrator issues as Home Edition is very limited, or maybe get the Enterprise edition

I just really don't know how to get this crap game working on Windows 10, I will test out some other older games and see if they work "Ha ha ha"
  cityrail-rulez Chief Train Controller

I have the tracks and signals from ARHS that won't run, earlier on WinXP and now on Win10
try some google on things and note the MS add-ons that might be tweaked to get it to work
Join the club mate, I have copied all the image files from the Track and Signal diagrams CD-Rom but I can't get the software to work because the ARHS believes everyone has 32-bit systems and don't give too-hoots about providing a 64-bit version but they love the money people pay for it
  Gavin J Junior Train Controller

Location: Stawell
Check out my fix as listed a few threads below this one...

"Windows 10 Update Fixes MSTS"

It worked for my new Dell Laptop and a friends Dell Desktop, both with Windows 10.
  cityrail-rulez Chief Train Controller

Hi Gavin, can you provide a direct link please? I can't seem to find any of the threads regarding your fixes all I can, find is idiotic threads and post that doesn't help me resolve this issue

Thanks in advance
Regards, Phil
  Black Board Beginner

i think he means this one:
  cityrail-rulez Chief Train Controller

Thanks Black Board, that'll be the one I was looking for ????☺️ I tried those settings for the main shortcut but never applied it to the Tools & Editor's shortcut and I used run as compatibility mode for Windows XP and nothing worked, I will give it another try later on as I'm installing Windows 10 back onto my new laptop since failing the attempt to install Windows 7 several times although I followed the instructions on how to install windows 7 on my laptop but it never worked, once again thanks heaps for finding Gavin's thread for me ☺️☺️????????????????
  cityrail-rulez Chief Train Controller

Bugger it!!! I've used those settings and I've switched between graphics and still all without any success

I was able to get move around in Route Editor when I click and hold the right mouse button, thanks to the settings Gavin uses but I'm still unable to get the sim to even load up

I don't mind using Open Rails, hopefully the developer has gotten rid of the stupid night light circle when turning on the lights, but I still need to use the sim for future train add ons for testing which I have saved before my Windows 7 hdd decided to die

Can anyone give me some advice on settings for my Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 to get msts running correctly?

I'm not giving up, yet!!!
  cityrail-rulez Chief Train Controller

Well, I may not be able to get the game itself to work "Stupid Windows 10"! But at least I've got the Tools & Editors to function correctly SmileSmile The funny thing is, that I can't make the Route Editor screen bigger since it's not written to the registry path it normally should be under HKLM

Anyway, I've downloaded and installed Open Rails I must say OR looks fantastic on my new laptop
now to install my old RailDriver cab controller SmileSmile By the way, does Open Rails have Simple Controls? I can't remember!

Thanks to everyone who posted SmileSmile I am still not going to quit trying to get MSTS to fully function on Windows 10, there's got to be a way regardless of it being non-compatible who knows maybe there would be an update from Microsoft that'll fix it HA HA we'll see but I have something in mind that will get MSTS 100% working SmileSmile but I got to spend money upgrading Windows 10 Home to Professional first before testing that theory, I will keep everyone posted later on regarding this!
  BrianBS Locomotive Driver

........................ The funny thing is, that I can't make the Route Editor screen bigger since it's not written to the registry path it normally should be under HKLM............................
G'day Phil,

Have a look on UKTrainSim - Ged Saunders wrote a utility to change the RE screen size - it works fine on my wide-screen laptop at 1280x1024 resolution - makes route editing a breeze with the larger screen.

Regards, Brian

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