Grain Harvest Thread 2017/2018

  Jack Le Lievre Chief Train Controller

Location: Moolap Station, Vic
Having driven from Geelong to Parkes via Junee on Sunday the crops are rather variable in their condition. With it even being rather variable from paddock to paddock.

Most of the wheat appeared to be between Six to Eight inches tall with some being less than Six, but most were a very light green compared to the lush green that I have seen in this area at this time of the year in the past.

Most of the canola was much taller than the wheat with it being over Twelve inches tall, but again nowhere near as good looking that I have seen in this area in the past at this time of the year.

I am heading to Brisbane tomorrow so if what I have heard around town is the case I will expect it to get much less green.

Sponsored advertisement Chief Commissioner

Location: Sydney, NSW
I was in the Temora region over the weekend and the word is if there isnt rain in the next two weeks the crops are over.  They look ok now but are still well behind where they should be - they wont be yield record breakers...
  bingley hall Minister for Railways

Location: Last train to Skaville

Grain being brought into Port Kembla from Western Australia by ship.

The SSR Westons train will be picking up a load from Kembla sometime next week.

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