Rail revival for South East a possibility?


News article: Rail revival for South East a possibility?

Regional Development Australia - Limestone Coast will be undertaking an economic benefit study on re-establishing rail in the region.

  bingley hall Minister for Railways

Location: Last train to Skaville
If you consider today the story about the Botany upgrade for rail then shareholders for Portland should be keen to look seriously at container handling at the port.  What would really be stopping them?

It's been mentioned in several posts elsewhere - there is insufficient land available at Portland to allow the establishment of a container port.

What is the demand for containers in and out of Portland? Not guesswork, actual figures please.

How many ship visits per annum would this generate? Again no guess work/build it and they will come nonsense, actual figures please.

The money allocated to Botany will do little more than solve current congestion issues - the place is an operational nightmare at the moment.

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  james.au Chief Commissioner

Location: Sydney, NSW
The thing with container ports, is that they tend to be located where the containers are consumed (or rather the stuff in them is).  Most of the stuff brought into Melbourne is consumed/emptied in the Graeter Melbourne area, and it wouldn't make much sense to ship them from Portland to Melbourne.  And export wise, Australia has an import surplus, sending out empty containers, so it makes sense to send them out where the imports are brought in to lower shipping costs.  

So Portland, its not going to be a container port.

Now, if they do reactivate the line and standardise, it might be able to draw some South Australian grain from the area north of Mt Gambier....

Pity the canola crush plant at Millicent wasn't on rail either, as that could be rail served if needed....

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