Opportunities for freight rail growth in the NT

  x31 Chief Commissioner

Location: gallifrey
So what do we think?

Could we have oil on rail up the centre?

new oil fields coming on stream in the NT could this be traffic?

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  potatoinmymouth Chief Commissioner

To where and from where?

“Traffic” doesn’t come out of thin air.

These discussions about running trains carrying things in circles are just nonsense.
  x31 Chief Commissioner

Location: gallifrey
I am quite sure I do not understand the last comment.
  james.au Chief Commissioner

Location: Sydney, NSW
Hi x31,

In reality most of us know as much as you do.

What I would recommend as a starting point is to look at some of the NT/SA/Qld transport plans and see what they say about traffic volumes and types.  Then look at RDA and council commissioned reports to see what might be possible in the area.  A few good google searches should help you out.  Also have a look at the Queensland rail information packs on the Mt Isa line, and the work being done by the Mt Isa-Tennant Creek economic development zone.  Some mining companies might have some info.  Finally press and newspaper articles might be useful to understand.  There is some of this discussed here on RP (eg the phosphate mining near Tennant Creek that looks to have not eventuated) but I'm sure you might find some things that might not be discussed.

Have a look around and see what you find.
  Sulla1 Chief Commissioner

Tonnage wise, rock phosphate mines between Tennant Creek and Mt Isa offer the greatest potential for additional rail traffic to Darwin. As for oil...the lack of refining capacity in either South Australia or the Northern Territory makes rail transport unlikely, unless unexpected geopolitical ructions disrupt the current import of refined fuel from Singapore. Northern Territory gas, which may drive oil field development, is already building to be Queensland's primary supply of domestic gas, replacing the locally extracted QLD gas now being exported.



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