Sydney Trains S Set - Scrapping has recommenced :(

  C3765 Train Controller

Unfortunately, 4 x 4 Car S Sets we’re transferred Chullora yesterday for scrapping. The Sets were: S47, S51, S74 and S141. 15 carriages were transferred in total as C3765 (Last Comeng built power car) of S51 was retained for preservation. The 48 remaining S Sets have now been reduced to 44. It is very sad to see them go. I believe a few will be retained as backups and a few more would join C3765, C3805, C3814 and T4150 in the hands of HETS or museums.

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  SydneyCider Chief Train Controller

It was going to start happening with the introduction of Waratah B sets, but they've provided an excellent service for such a long time and some will be kept. Despite the fact that they've been running for such a long time and people do want more comfortable air-conditioned trains the longer they are out of service the more significant they become given the numerous generations of people who have been on them. Keep us updated on lists as they are retired and scrapped as there no doubt those who will want to record this type of information down. Just curious, when did these 4 sets last run?

As for cars preserved, it's good they kept C3765 as it will make a nice companion to C3805 - the first and last Comeng suburban cars. There are actually a couple of important events coming up in the next few years which involved S sets including 40 years since opening of ESR (June 2019), 40 years since first electric train to Waterfall (June 2020) and then 50 years since opening of new Como bridge (2022 I believe). Plus there is the fact the 2 Mark I cars retained are not operational (I don't think) so the ones retained from these retired by the Waratah B sets can be for the "ready to go" preserved operational S set.

It will be interesting to see what other cars they perhaps set aside, those of note:-

- C3937 (was part of the first electric train to Waterfall, said to be on S66)
- C3001 (first Goninan power car and was part of first/inaugural train on ESR, not sure which Set)
- i'm guessing 1 Comeng non driving trailer might be kept aside

Hopefully maybe they'll maybe even form a special farewell to S sets set from these set aside operational cars for when that day comes that the last S set is to ever run (probably early 2019 after all the B sets are in service)