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  canetrain89 Beginner

Hi everyone first post on here so first id like to say hello.

came on here to ask for information/tips on interview questions.

i have been successful in getting a interview for a trainee drivers job with aurizon just wondering what kind of questions they ask. and those funny curve ball questions . im guessing safety is a huge factor in the interview just not sure on what else.  
my current job is driving a cane locomotive am i able to use examples of safety that i demonstrate in my current job to answer interview questions  


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  Dangersdan707 Chief Commissioner

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Where are you working for Aurizon?
  canetrain89 Beginner

i currently dont work for aurizon i work for a sugar milling company .   the position i have interview for is based in cloncurry.  sorry if my original post wasent clear

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