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The Road Train network has been creeping towards the S.A. boarder, for some time, now and just Ballarat to Horsham to go, which is not far off as I understand it.

They have been working towards this for many years, with bridge strengthening and widening the shoulders on roads.

If you live in Horsham, Nhill, Dimboola or Warracknabeal, you could start to see road trains travelling through your town.

VicRoads has just extended its road train network in north-west Victoria after months of campaigning by the Victorian Farmers Federation.

Road trains have only been allowed as far south as Ouyen since 2011, but in August last year the network was extended to Beulah to accommodate the transport of hay and grain into drought-affected NSW and Queensland.

Now the network has been extended further, south to Horsham and west to the South Australian border along the Western Highway.

ABC Facebook was the source of the article.


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