MSTS payware routes, rolling stock and utilities

  cityrail-rulez Chief Train Controller

G'day everyone,

First of all many of you may think that suggesting this to be offensive in some way, I don't mean to offend anyone for what I am about to suggest

Giving that MSTS is over 18 year's old, wouldn't it be fair for all payware routes, rolling stock and utilities to be freeware?

Lets say that Team-ALCO appears that they have given up on MSTS altogether and I am guessing that other companies has too but they still provide their routes and rolling stock regardless of MSTS age as payware

The author of Train Sim Modeler "TSM" has already distributed the software as freeware, why can't the other MSTS utilities be freeware?

Once again, I don't mean to offend anyone while I am making this suggestion but MSTS is just too old now, obviously Open Rails took over MSTS but for me Open Rails needs simple controls for the lazy drivers, every time I use OR it really feels more like driving a computer so it's not exactly enjoyable for me which is why I moved onto DTG Train Simulator 2019, it's not that bad apart from having no Australian routes and rolling stock but there is a way that I could use all my MSTS models in TS2019 which is great but a real paid in the neck trying to understand how on earth am I supposed to put them into the game, sadly I don't think I would be able to build any routes not without a Google Maps API Key, not sure why DTG can't simply allow a user to link maps to any map website of the user's personal choice or link it to Google Earth or whatever it just gets on my nerves

Anyway, I will just leave it at that but what do you people think? Should all MSTS payware routes, rolling stock and utilities become freeware?

Regards, Phil

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  superheatedsteam Deputy Commissioner

Location: Perth, WA
The short answer to your question is, NO!

Content creators have copyright over their work for the life of the artist plus 70 years ( If a creator like the one for TSM comes out and states his work is now freeware, well, isn't that nice of him.

If a creator/team like Team-ALCO stays silent for whatever reason, then their work stays bound by the terms they put in the read me file and should be respected. Even if they didn't write anything in a readme file they are still covered by the copyright act.

Payware products cost a fraction of what I waste my money on every week. The pittance payware modellers receive does not even come close to repaying the time and effort they expended to create the product in the first place. You of all people should know what it takes to make a model. Either pay up or make your own.


  cityrail-rulez Chief Train Controller

G'day Marek,

I fully understand copyright mate Smile But what I was pointing out that MSTS is over 18 year's old now and surely enough that MSTS isn't compatible with Windows 10 and I would doubt that Microsoft would even care about making MSTS compatible in later versions of Windows any time soon

That's pretty much the reason why I made the suggestion for payware routes, rolling stock and utilities to become freeware
It is quite sad that MSTS really lasted just over 18 year's now and there's been a lot of amazing routes, rolling stock and utilities for the game and I am glad to have been apart of the group of modellers who has shared light into MSTS to keep the game going strong Smile Of course I will not give up playing MSTS on my Windows 7 laptop when I do buy a new hard drive get another 8GB ram stick and replace the screen since it was flickering so I brought a new Gaming laptop with Windows 10 Sad and I really thought that buying a gaming laptop would really get MSTS to work on Windows 10 so I have to put up with it now

Anyway, like I said when I posted my suggestion. I wasn't meant to offend the authors of any payware routes, rolling stock or utilities all I wanted to point out is that maybe they could distribute their work as freeware due to MSTS not being compatible with Windows 10 and later versions of Windows and due to MSTS age

But thanks for your input, Marek Smile Of course everyone is allowed to have their say it gives us something to read ha ha ha Laughing
Regards, Phil
  dthead Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
because software may not work on latest and greatest computers is no reason to make  it freeware. So agree, the sinple and correct answer is no.

David Head
  cityrail-rulez Chief Train Controller

Well, it was just a thought Smile
  billybaxter Chief Commissioner

Location: Bosnia Park, Fairfield
Why not just write to them? If you've already done that and they've said no I don't think the result of a vote here is going to change their mind.
  cityrail-rulez Chief Train Controller

Why not just write to them? If you've already done that and they've said no I don't think the result of a vote here is going to change their mind.
This thread is only a suggestion and not a vote, Billy! I'm not trying to force the developers of payware products to make them freeware, all I was doing is having my say because MSTS is pretty much dead, it's over 18 year's old and no longer supported and cannot be runned on Windows 10 or any future versions of Microsoft Windows

There's really no need for me or anyone to contact and harrass the developers of payware products and tell them "Hey! Make your products freeware" it wouldn't be very polite to say something like that

As I said this thread is only just to have your say and it's not about voting at all
I was just saying how I feel in a matter of sense

Fair enough, Open Rails does continue to support the legacy of running MSTS routes and rolling stock
but some people can't wait for Open Rails to be finalised, lifes just to short!

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