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  Carnot Minister for Railways

Just released:

Melbourne's rail network is in serious need of further upgrades to reduce overcrowded and strangling of the economy:

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  bevans Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Electrification of the Geelong Line has been earmarked as a must have.  I would also add Ballarat to that.

The Ballarat Line has been made a priority with a need to start this work immediately for completion within 5 years.  Also needs electrification.
  bevans Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Also NSW gets a mention

  jcouch Assistant Commissioner

Location: Asleep on a commuter train
Interesting that is the priority initiatives, they're talking about an SSFL upgrade already to service Moorebank. From general observation it doesn't seem to be particularly heavily loaded right now.

Also interesting to note is general freight access to Port Kembla. Must be some proposals to open another container port there to eventually take over from the coal exports? So I did a bit of googling and look what shows up:
  MetroFemme Assistant Commissioner

Not a single response from the Victorian government but Geelong regional council is already reviewing and campaigning for upgrades. The writing is on the wall and the government needs a strategy and progress.

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