Crystalbrook platform

  freightgate Minister for Railways

Location: Albury, New South Wales
does this still exist and if it does what part of the triangle is it was it located on please ?

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  SA_trains Deputy Commissioner

Location: ACT
The station at Crystal Brook pretty much only existed in narrow gauge days. The building is now long demolished and was next to what is now the post office. ( I think it is the PO, I haven't been in the 'brook for awhile now)

At that time it was a ground level station. The only platform was associated with the goods shed. The shed is demolished, but some of the platform remains.

The Triangle never had any railway infrastructure within in it as far as I recall.

  dylan Train Controller

Location: South Australia
There was a brick building built for the standard gauge line in the late 60s, I think it went in the early 2000s, but don’t quote me on that. A building of identical design survives today at Yunta, and the one at Jamestown was also of this design.
As for platforms I’m not really too sure, places such as Yongala and Jamestown had a short concrete platform with a lock up shed adjacent to the main line. This was added for the standard gauge line, but I have no idea whether Crystal Brook was ever blessed with one.
As mentioned in a previous post, all the stations on the line other than Peterborough and Pt Pirie were at ground level.

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