Alternative to Bankstown Metro

  C3765 Train Controller

They should definitely reconsider converting the Bankstown line into Metro operation. Here are a few reasons why.

-After the introduction of all Waratah Series 2, the whole of Sydney Trains will be air conditioned.

-The stations along the Bankstown line can be upgraded and lifts can be installed without converting the line to metro operation.

-Instead of converting the line into metro operation to free up the city circle, just one new extra Sydney Trains station after Central can be constructed to divert T3 Line trains there.

-Not converting the Bankstown Line will result in loss of jobs but construction of a new Sydney Trains station in the city will create jobs for those who have lost them.

-The extra station will also expand the rail network instead of replacing existing lines.

-When the new station is complete it will allow for more frequent Sydney Trains services on the T3 Bankstown Line as well as the T2 and T8 Lines.

-If the metro doesnt continue to the Bankstown Line, it will allow for the metro to service other suburbs which do not have any existing rail lines.

-This alternative does not force people to change at Bankstown to continue their journey West to Lidcombe and Liverpool

-Also as the T3 Line will no longer use the City Circle, delays on the T2 or T8 Line will not affect the Bankstown Line.

-No disruptions for commuters during construction

It basically achieves everything the Metro does but with less disruption, cost and no protests

Do you all agree or disagree?

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  simstrain Chief Commissioner

There aren't many places in this area that don't have reasonable access to a railway station since the T3, T8 and even the T4 cover the area quite well. What the metro should be doing is hitting the major centres of the T3 and interchange points like dulwich hill on an express route to liverpool instead in an underground line.
  viaprojects Chief Train Controller

They should definitely reconsider converting the Bankstown line into Metro operation. Here are a few reasons why.

the only reason the Bankstown line is getting the metro is due to the tunnel exit... and the cheap smaller size of the tunnels ...

looking at past tunnel space options for any rail fix / option near Redfern for the T1 line has been kill of by locals, so the end of any tunnel landed on free space owned by the nsw gov ... which bounced to the current location..
  matthewg Train Controller

Hardly any point discussing it - the government will use its re-election as proof it should continue and the line will get downgraded to metro from heavy rail.
This will be used as a lever to increase re-development of the area and large swathes of quaint federation style houses in the Marrickville to Canterbury region will be razed to make way for soulless 20 storey tower blocks. I expect in winter the shadows will reach all the way to the Cooks River.
It's this development potential that's driving this.

Having lived at Campsie in the past - converting the Bankstown line to Metro standards makes far more sense to me that running low seat count metro trains out to the Hills District. The Bankstown line serves a relatively dense urban area that already has a lot of dense development of the more traditional 3 - 4 story blocks of units type. The house I used to live in was replaced with a 4 storey unit block years ago. And the actual trip into the main source of employment (City CBD) is relatively short. It's way more suitable for 'standee trains' than the Hills District.

The current government can't see past it's automated Metro fixation. GoA4 metros are the answer to every (public) transport problem that can't be solved by light rail or preferably buses.

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