Aurizon prepares to sell its Intermodal Division

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The ACCC has lost its fight on the sale to PN as mentioned in the press.

How will Linfox now be involved on the terminal?

Acacia Ridge remains a multi-user terminal, Linfox will now be paying to PN to use the yard and complex rather than Aurizon and Qube (the current terminal manager). It's reasonable to assume that if the multi-user yard becomes too congested or expensive to use, then Linfox will probably pursue the construction of its own yard to the north or south of Brisbane (Aurizon had previously looked at both options). PN currently only uses the yard for standard gauge operations, and has kept its narrow gauge operations separate at Moolabin, making Linfox the primary user of the narrow gauge facilities at Acacia Ridge.

Appreciate your reply but is AR both gauges?

Does Moolabin have both SG and NG?

Will inland rail use either of these yards for trains when it is completed?

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  Sulla1 Chief Commissioner

Acacia Ridge is standard and narrow gauge. PN's Moolabin yard is narrow gauge only. SCT's Bromelton yard is currently only standard gauge, but could potentially be also connected to narrow gauge. Providing Acacia Ridge remains Brisbane's primary interstate rail terminal (remembering SCT doesn't use it) and the terminal's rail users also use the Inland Rail Corridor,  then, yes, it is likely to be used by Inland Rail Corridor trains.

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