Bob the Railway Dog

  ANR Deputy Commissioner

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  Gayspie Deputy Commissioner

Location: Adelaide, SA
  DJPeters Deputy Commissioner

If Bob was around today I doubt that he would ever get out of Peterborough with all the rules and regulations today about wandering dogs.
  x31 Chief Commissioner

Location: gallifrey
Just a fantastic story really a real celebrity and they should make a movie out of this one.
  RedEyeExpress Junior Train Controller

Location: Melbourne
Thank you ANR, I enjoyed reading about Bob - "free spirit but a friend to all, dignified with a touch of larrikin"
  Dangersdan707 Chief Commissioner

Location: On a Thing with Internet
There was a good book that came out a few years back about Bob forget its name, something like 'The Railway Dog'
  ANR Deputy Commissioner

Bob Dog would make a great TV series like Skippy (the original one before the PC crowd hijacked the agenda and ran the second fake and moronic series).

The backdrop of the SA mid north region and the Flinders Ranges would be unbeatable for a set. The producers would not have to dumb anything down (like the second round of Skippy) because a single dog has more intelligence than a whole paddock of roos put together. Maybe it can be a dingo?

(Trust the PC crowd took take the fun out of something great.)
  Spletsie Chief Commissioner

Here is another article on Bob, the Railway Dog:
  RedEyeExpress Junior Train Controller

Location: Melbourne
"In this way he has travelled many thousands of miles, going all over the lines in South Australia. He is well known in Victoria, frequently seen in Sydney and has been up as far as Brisbane! The most curious part of his conduct is that he has no master, but every engine driver is his friend."
  DJPeters Deputy Commissioner

His collar is all that remains today of him after he died his carcass was stuffed and stood for many years on the bar of a pub  I think it was but the carcass eventually fell to pieces and his collar was donated to the AFULE who kept it for a while before donating it and handing it on to the then Mile End Railway Museum, now the National Railway Museum at Port Adelaide. I have held this collar on numerous occassions in the past when we did outside displays away from the MERM. The brass plate on it reads " Stop me not but let me jog, for I am Bob the drivers dog". It is on display at the moment at the NRM.

There is a book out also called Bob's Railway and part of it is about Bob the railway dog but mainly about the actual history of the rail lines etc back in those days. Quite a good read though. It can be purchased at the NRM bookshop at Port Adelaide for $78 and they will do mail order but obviously it is best to contact them for the postage and handling costs with it.

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