Bob Hawke dies age 89

  DJPeters Deputy Commissioner

I too am old enough to remember this coup as that is what it was. The opposition blocked supply and then Fraser moved to get rid of the current Government. You only need to search to find it. They could not be removed on performance otherwise since then we would have changes of Government every two weeks or so.

By blocking supply the government at the time were stuck they could not do anything and so they got removed in what was the most underhanded and undignified way ever in Australian politics and all those involved in removing a Govt like this should have hung their heads in shame over it. From memory after it the rules or laws were changed so it cannot happen again, it has to be thrashed out in parliament till supply is approved from memory even if it means drastic changes to supply have to made. It could take a bit longer this way, but it stops a coup happening like it did.

Someone had worked all this out before hand and knew exactly who would do what and to who, you cannot say it was a spur of the moment thing though. This plan had been worked out in great detail and just needed certain people to do certain things and Gough Whitlam fell into the trap set. The timing of everything tells you that it was planned as well as time periods for things also ran out as some one pointed out for somethings.

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  RTT_Rules Oliver Bullied, CME

Location: Dubai UAE
Absolute rubbish.

Howard is a mean splrited individual. The only good thing he did was ban automatic weapons. Unfortunately it takes a massacre for governments to do that. I will not shed tears if he dies before me( I shed a few last Friday watching the Hawke memorial).
I will never forgive Howard for making same-sex marriage so much more difficult to achieve in Australia than in New Zealand. I guess I can thank him for making me decide to quit Australia and move to NZ although, by the time I managed to achieve that, Key had become PM over here and I worried I had made the wrong decision. However although a banker and therefore not someone who would ever get my vote, Key was not a social neanderthal like the Australian conservatives. Thankfully NZ now has a progressive government again. The NZ population saw through the conservative's tax bribes although in these modern days a dynamic vibrant leader helps. I have not felt so proud of my country's leader since 1975 as I do today. I am now a very proud Kiwi.
we all know you love your beloved NZ and good luck to you. Very few people make the tough choice to move to a place they love, rather continue to complain about where they are and not having the balls to do something about it. I can also high-lite of the positives of living in Dubai over Australia, but I can never be a citizen here and have no intention to stay 1 day longer than I need too as there is a lifestyle I miss too much and it could be NZ or Aust, parents and children will likely have final say in where that is. Dubai is purely a means to an end and along the way do some travelling and enjoy the best of what Dubai has on offer and it is alot, but not in summer.

As for the Howard SSM, yes he's religious and frequently eco'ed his religious beliefs in the house and it didn't need to be done, also note that ALP made no attempt to undo it either because it wasn't until only a few years ago the Australian population would have supported a SSM vote in the majority. If you are of that persuasion then yes I'd be pissed off too, but alas Govt's are not single policy govt's. If Howard got you to where you want to go by giving you the kick up the smeg to make a decision then join a long list of people who have changed jobs, location, partners because of something that happened they had no input or control over.

I would have thought Hawke did far more for Australia than Whitlam, purely because he was there about 6 x as long and didn't face an early election. At the end of the day, there is more to being in govt than a few good ideas and being a nice guy/girl, you need to work the system and failing to do so means you will ultimately fail. Tony Abbott was heavily critised by many in this group because he couldn't work the upper house, so he too failed.
  don_dunstan The Ghost of George Stephenson

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Yes, you basically stated the govt was fired for being incompetent and overall a poorly performing PM. I agree with that.
I posted facts. If that's how you read them, I'm happy for you. However, the fact remains that the government was dismissed because of failure to guarantee supply. It was a coup orchestrated by Withers, Fraser, and Kerr. This is a matter of historical record. As has been pointed out, this was the Coalition's second attempt to overthrow the elected government