Sydney’s Inner West Line is too unsafe

  AheadMatthewawsome Locomotive Driver

Location: Opening Train Lines
I was going back home on the tram with some Ice Cream after being at the Aquarium yesterday (11/7/19). We were at Convention on a service on 2119 at around 3:20 PM. The tram was so full that Tokyo would push us in.

I was like, are you sure that I should to in? All of the other trams would most likely be like this. There is usually during the School Holidays, no seats on any tram in the Zone 1 area.

But it was even worse. There were no handrails to hold on. Some commuters were unable to get off at their stop. We were crushed like sardines in there. People were touching the door on their side. Which someone could have fallen. And if they were old. DEATH! Also, someone could fall on to the tracks. With crushed legs that they would never see again. Or DEATH once again!

As I could not hold onto handrails. I could have fallen very easily. And others would also fall as well. Just like Dominos.

Also as I have Anxiety, Autism, and Depression. I know that someone on a wheelchair would be a disaster. No room on any tram. And it is too much to walk. No phone? No Taxi! Someone could also go insane on the tram due to too many people.

Doors were unable to close due to so many people. Which caused the tram to be late. At least I got to meet some people because of it.

I was not surprised to see the tram going straight to the depot because of it.

This is what it is like every single service within Zone 1. It is a disaster. More services are needed with more capacity within Zone 1. Maybe even a 3rd Track to The Star? No. It keeps going until Lilyfield. So it needs extension that far. It would also have to be more reliable as it is always more then 3 minutes late. And needs lots more improvements.

I noticed in a old news report from 2014. These risks were actually shown back in 2014. Nothing has been done. It needs to be fixed. It was mostly good with the old Varios and the Monorail above us. But then in 2014. It got all worse.

Another reason could be because of the Monorails Closure back 6 years ago this month. Passengers on their had to move to the tram.

Something needs to be done now. What do you think?

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  potatoinmymouth Chief Commissioner

You’d be mortified to see the state of the Free Tram Zone down south.
  Gman_86 Chief Commissioner

Location: Melton, where the sparks dare not roam!
Your description matches any tram from the MCG after the completion of any AFL game.
  TomBTR Train Controller

Location: near Sydney
Something needs to be done now. What do you think?

I am sorry that you found your journey so difficult.

Obviously the line needs many more trams. Not only are the trams packed as you say but one has to wait a long time for one to arrive.

However there is some good in the inner-west loading as it is. Most of this route follows the old freight line that was built long after the inner west was settled. It was not intended to carry passengers and so avoided residential and office employment areas as far as possible. Converted to a mainly reserved track tramway (aka light rail), in spite of its inconvenient location, it quickly become so popular as to be overcrowded. If this line can succeed then just about any tram line will work in Sydney. A message for politicians and lazy public servants who are always open to the easy option of just building yet another road.

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