Any Train Building Simulators for me?

  AheadMatthewawsome Junior Train Controller

Location: Opening Train Lines
This might not be the place to say it but. Is there any application that makes proposal videos like the government does? Or can turn my lines into real life?

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  justapassenger Minister for Railways


They are made by professional 3D graphic artists using normal 3D modelling programs such as Maya or 3DS Max, not just someone playing on a 'train building app'

These are very expensive software products, but you might be able to use student licences for free if you enrol in a 3D modelling course at TAFE or other similar college.
  Dangersdan707 Chief Commissioner

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This might not be the place to say it but. Is there any application that makes proposal videos like the government does? Or can turn my lines into real life?
Try Source Film Maker. The only issue is that you need to create the assets for the videos.
  dthead Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
MSTS is a old  sim one can make train and routes using other programs. Trainz and it's newer variants may be easier. All need a ton of work learning programs to create the 3D object as  another has pointed out.

We have several train simulator forums, there is a lot of information to read. Bear in Mid MSTS is very old by computer standards now.

David Head
  cityrail-rulez Chief Train Controller

It is not necessarily that the government would use the high priced 3d modelling programs like Maya or 3ds Max, considering there is a 3d modelling program called Blender which is open source and will always be free and Blender offers everything that Maya and 3ds Max can do put together

I have both 3ds Max and Blender as well as other 3d modelling programs installed like Google Sketchup Pro 8, Train Sim Modeler, 3d Crafter and Gmax

To give Blender a No. 1 choice check out

As what David said, MSTS is quite old now and Microsoft has officially told me the reason why it will not work on Windows 10
it is because the game setting configuration in Windows 10 is newer than previous versions of Windows, there maybe some GOOD news to get MSTS to fully work in Windows 10 but I have to make contact with Microsoft again soon as to me I can't use Open Rails much since there's no simple controls yet - But anyway, MSTS tools & editors does work in Windows 10 which is kinda dumb that the tools work and the game doesn't however due to some screen resolutions MSTS route editor will be set to default 800x600 pixels so thankfully there is a utility for that to make MSTS route editor screen larger on newer computers - alternative simulator for MSTS is Open Rails to run routes and rolling stock etc - so if you do which to build routes, as I assume that is what you meant by saying "Lines" MSTS can be complicated but some people do find route building easier than others, it took me a long time to understand it all

Best of luck Smile
  cityrail-rulez Chief Train Controller

Thanks for letting us know about Blender 2.80 being available, GS4! However, the differences between Blender 2.7x and Blender 2.80 is that the plugins to export models into MSTS or into TS20xx as an example are not made for Blender 2.80, the authors will need to upgrade their plugins once created for Blender 2.7x to be able to work in Blender 2.80

It's a bit confusing for me to explain as I'm not a developer, but after I installed Blender 2.80 I noticed that the plugins were not working so I will be returning to Blender 2.79b at this stage! Whenever, the authors of the plugins upgrade their plugins for use in Blender 2.80 then I will move onto Blender 2.80

So just a note to anyone who still needs the plugins for MSTS, Trainz ("if any plugins are available for Trainz"), TS20xx please stick to Blender 2.79b

Blender 2.79b can be found here

Click on: Blender 2.79b to go to the download files page, make sure that you download the correct Blender 2.79b for your computer! For example my computer is Windows 64-bit so therefore, I will download blender-2.79b-windows64.msi optional is the .zip file

I hope this helps Smile

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