Tarrawingee Tramway

  waynnep Locomotive Fireman

Location: Wagga Wagga and Adelaide
For those interested, Google Earth now covers the Tarrawingee Tramway all the way to the mine site (there is a bit of low res in the middle).
I never realised the mine area was so extensive.

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  dmbphotography Train Controller

Location: Newcastle NSW
I tracked - what is still left - from Broken Hill to the Tarrwingee Yard in 2006.

I'm happy to post other photos if people are interested.

  pollux1au Junior Train Controller

I'm happy to post other photos if people are interested.

Please do. I have a cousin who lives in Broken Hill that I vist every couple of years. I always enjoy expoloring the local area when I am out there.

Knowing what to look for would give me an excuse to do some more exploring. Not that I really need an excuse.

  dmbphotography Train Controller

Location: Newcastle NSW
Ok no worries.

I used the maps on Rolfe Bozier's Railnet site to trace what I could. I was amazed to find as much as I did, considering the line was lifted so long ago. The remoteness of the location certainly has gone to preserving it.

Very little remains of Findlay Siding, just to the north of Broken Hill;

Yanco Glen looking towards Tarrawingee;

Just outside Tarrawingee, looking back towards Broken Hill.

Inside the Yard at Tarrawingee looking North West ( away from Broken Hill)

A close up of one of the platforms at Tarrawingee;

A broader shot of the yard remains looking in general direction of Broken Hill;

Again looking general direction of Broken Hill;

Looking towards the end of the line/yard;

This is right at the start of the yard, which im guessing prior to 1936 was a raised section entering the Tarrawingee Yard;

A small water-tank. Amazingly some 75 years after the line was lifted, still remains;

Based on what I saw, this yard was of reasonable size;

back down the line towards Broken Hill, the property/locale of Poolamacca. Only a faint outline remains in the red dirt to signify where the line once ran;
  drwaddles In need of a breath mint

Location: Newcastle
Great stuff mate - thanks heaps for posting!
  Roberts0001 Chief Commissioner

Location: Perth, Western Australia
Great stuff mate - thanks heaps for posting!

Agree - thanks for sharing those pictures.
  hunslet1915 Chief Train Controller

  Brian 2009 Chief Commissioner

Location: N.S.W.

Not sure if any of you on this thread know but there is a book called "Rails to Wealth " written by Lew Roberts.
Pages 60 to 70 has information and photographs of this line.
Very interesting reading.
Thanks for sharing your photos, the area looks very similar to what is still at Silverton.

  HairyLeg Junior Train Controller

Location: What's that smell?
This is my understanding of the narrow gauge lines at Tarrawingee (in green).

This is from my Google Earth Overlay.
If anyone knows any better, please let me know and I will update.

  dmbphotography Train Controller

Location: Newcastle NSW

I didn't know about any of the other stuff. You don;t have photos by any chance do you?
  Bruce McLean Junior Train Controller

Location: Kangaroo Flat
A report on the Tarrawingee 2 foot gauge limestone tramways to the north of the township site can be found in the October 2009 issue of "Light Railways" on Pages 26 & 27.
We covered and mapped the area extensively in April 2009.
  whralr Beginner

Hello, i am very interested in this thread.  I have the Cyril Henshaw book, as well as the LRRS articles.  Can anyone shed any further light on the track formation around where the crushing pant was located (to the west of the station remains).  If there were two narrow gauge Krauss working this quarry, there would have been storage, passing, tipping, loading etc in this area. I would be sure that the overhead tippler/tipper to the east (north of the Y would be related to the Broken Hill Southern Power station construction materials. BTW the last time i was there was in 1968 (aged 8).
  GSRailway Chief Train Controller

Location: Western Australia

I thought this link maybe interesting to members who are into the Tarrawingee Tramway
Cheers Daryle
  allan Chief Commissioner

'Nuff to make a man homesick. Top link...
  Rodo Chief Commissioner

Location: Southern Riverina
Thanks for the link, GSRailway. All I knew was that Tarrawingee had a flux quarry but little else about it.
  hbedriver Chief Train Controller

Sorry this is such a delay since last post, hope it interests anyway.

SWMBO and I drove along this area today, Broken Hill to Tarrawingee and beyond. Remains of embankments, countless dog spikes, the occasional decayed sleeper. Bridge piers remain, all concrete/mortar. Line clearly visible south of Stephens Creek, around Yanco Glen, where turn off the black top, and most of the way to Tarrawingee.

The road passes a quarry, I assume that is the area shown green by Hairylegs. Remains of narrow gauge track,(2 foot)?  including steel sleepers, among a mountain of industrial bits and bobs.

SWMBO loved the day (back to Broken Hill via Silverton), she wants to spend more time exploring the area. Not this trip, but will go back again next trip. Highly recommended. Roads ok for 2WD cars, accepting the usual dirt road conditions
  Lockspike Deputy Commissioner

I had a friend who was a retired engineer with the NSW Dept of Main Roads. He recalled to me about the time he picked up a dog spike from the dismantled Tarrawingee Tramway and next time he saw his NSWGR counterpart he (with tongue in cheek) handed over the spike, saying that he was returning the property of the Commissioner for Railways, causing his counterpart to be somewhat nonplussed. He went on to explain that the Tarrawingee Tramway was owned by the state of NSW, but leased by the Silverton Tramway Company
  duttonbay Minister for Railways

Even though it's a six year gap in this thread, thanks for your posting. I will be returning to Broken Hill soonish, and had wondered about Tarrawingee. Seems like it's a goer.
  hbedriver Chief Train Controller

I probably would have done better yesterday if I had known more before I went out. Got back to the van and googled it, and found this thread. Ah well, next time!
  duttonbay Minister for Railways

The LRRSA research report on Tarrawingee, mentioned by Bruce McLean above, and in Light Railways 209 (October 2009), is available here:
  hbedriver Chief Train Controller

Thanks for that link. Sorry so long replying, just back in 3G range. Will be better prepared next time, and hopefully Telstra has more towers by then as well! The mud map certainly aligns with several remnants we saw, and made the whole site make more sense in hindsight

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