Stolen - look out for these items and report back to dthead, or the police

  dthead Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
This was posted on facebook today, and I'd like the Railpage community to help if you can.


Sometime between the hours of 18:00 Sunday night the 08-09-2019 and 09:00 Monday morning the 09-09-2019, my double garage/man cave was broken into, resulting in many tools, cherished and valuable items go missing, including different railway memorabilia which I have collected over many years. Unfortunately, due to the high on going cost of insurance, there was no insurance to cover the items, so I’m devastated.
Entry was forced through one of the two roller doors, backing on to the back lane in my St, and because of the nature of the items that have been stolen, it looks to be a targeted attack????

Obviously I have spoke to the police and investigations are continuing.

So,.....I send a shout out to everyone, especially my fellow Railway comrades and collectors, could You please be on the look out on any social media pages, eBay, gumtree, private collectors etc, for any of the following more unique and valued items:

*Any C class Locomotive memorabilia. (Except for HO scale locomotive models.)
*5 inch gauge 1/12th scale “C” class V/Line liveried “Live” locomotives.
*Clyde Engineering oval makers plates, with model/serial numbers from 76-825 to 77-833.
*C class cab side number plates, C504, C502, C507.
*Copy/replica C501 plates.
*5 chime Leslie Supertyfon S5t Horns x 2.
*Any ATN Access/Australian Transport Network memorabilia.
*Light blue and yellow Locomotive front headlight assembly with globes.
*C class “back lighted” front and rear number boards.
*HSV (Holden Special Vehicle) tool chest and socket sets.
*Lincoln Air compressor, 50 litre V twin, light blue in colour.

If You see any of these items arise and You are not sure of the ownership etc, could you please contact Junee Police on 0269241144 or myself directly on 0459760276, where the item can be checked against the full list of items on mine or the police data base.

Thanks Guys.

I have seen this loco and sort of know the owner, a nice guy. Serious posts only (warning) - I  quite annoyed at this terrible news. No need to  say what we think of them, spread the word !

David Head

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  freightgate Minister for Railways

Location: Albury, New South Wales
Terrible news David sorry to hear.

Was this your house or someone else’s?
  Dangersdan707 Chief Commissioner

Location: On a Thing with Internet
Terrible news David sorry to hear.

Was this your house or someone else’s?
Not his, says so himself.
  don_dunstan Minister for Railways

Location: Adelaide proud
Junee isn't a big town, chances are someone may have seen something -
  dthead Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Remember to tell anyone into railway collectables and any club !

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