1210, 2705, 3112, 3830 & 3801 - Southern Steam Spectacular - October 2002

  Bevan Wall Deputy Commissioner

Scenes recorded in October 2002 of one of the great NSW steam tours held early this century. 1210, 2705, 3112, 3830 & 3801 were used in various combinations to haul a tour to Canberra. This tour may have been the last one to have an official photo stop allowed in the timetable outlined in the STN issued for the tour.


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  4206 Chief Commissioner

Location: Dorrigo yard
Great video

Thank you for sharing
  steamfreak Assistant Commissioner

Location: Wodonga, VIC
Nice video!  I missed the 2002 SSS, but the 2003 version was also great!  Got some nice video.

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