Serious incident and missing fence in Cotham Road 2019

  bevans Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Now this looks like another tram off the tracks in cotham road (near the kew depot?) where the tram has gone through the residential fence.

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  route14 Chief Commissioner

A piece of news on Nine mentions trams were shunted at Findon Cr.  Is there no more crossover outside road 13 of Kew Depot?
  kitchgp Chief Commissioner

Seems to have been Findon Crescent initially, then moved to Kew Junction. Nothing between Kew Junction and Deepdene (the two closest crossovers) for the duration. (Findon Crescent doesn't obstruct Route 48.)

PS: Incident also discussed in Yarra Trams incidents Thread
  freightgate Minister for Railways

Location: Albury, New South Wales
To leave the tracks and push through a fence requires a lot of energy. How fast was the gram travelling ?
  kitchgp Chief Commissioner

Up to the speed limit in that area, 60 km/h. The motorist tried to overtake the tram.
  route14 Chief Commissioner

Acknowledging that it was the motor vehicle's responsibility, those trams are surprisingly easily pushed off the tracks.  Apart from the three incidents reported in The Age involving tram 3011, there had been another few around Victoria Pde., one of which involved two then National Buses.
  kitchgp Chief Commissioner

Not at those speeds. A lower speed incident (from VicSig):

Photo: Ian Green
  lkernan Deputy Commissioner

Location: Melbourne
It's been mentioned in other forums that the design of that model makes it easier to derail, something about the position of the bogies in relation to the ends of the tram.
  route14 Chief Commissioner

And the fixed wheels just exacerbate the issue.

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