PLA entering Hong Kong?

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Meanwhile in America, land of the free or whatever, hold up a sign supporting freedom in Hong Kong and you'll get booted from a game:

The fear within the NBA of losing money because of protests against Chinese tyranny has them cowering in submission to the CCP.


Google "Daryl Morey" for more information...
Honestly, if I'm going to a NBA Basket ball, I'm not interested in any political crap, "time and place" being the key phrase. So yes, kick her out and its got nothing to do with sponsorship.

However listening on the radio this morning I hear the NBA sticking up for a coach's comments supporting HK, not sure of context by the business breakfast announcer said, good on the NBA for standing behind their people's right to free speech and not caving into the financial pressure.

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Xi starts ramping up the warnings:

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