Qube loading on the Adelaide to Darwin Line

  8077 Chief Train Controller

Location: Crossing the Rubicon
Reading this today a good story.

Does Qube run any loading on rail out of Adelaide to Darwin and return?

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  NG Sulzers Deputy Commissioner

Location: Quorn
QUBE provide the road transport delivery from the Oz Minerals copper mine to Wirrida, and then from Wirrida to Tennant Creek, and also to Adelaide.

I don't recall any QUBE consigned intermodal loading.
  splod Junior Train Controller

Location: Darwin, NT
QUBE's East Arm warehouse is quite large and prominent when driving along Berimah Rd at East Arm.  It is not adjacent to the railway, but is only about 1km from the entrance to G&W's yard.

I'm unsure of how much intermodal traffic they consign, if any.

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