Trojan Rail Training Program - good bad or ugly?

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I was hoping to hear from anyone who has gone through the Trojan Rail training program. More specifically what were your outcomes.

Did you gain full-time employment or are you still casual? If so after how long?
Did you progress to to a fully qualified driver and after how long?
Are you now employed by a rail operator or still with Trojan?

I realise this course gets you to a position of causal second person only and its labour hire. I know you don't get paid etc for the training. I'm now trying to work out if it is a genunine pathway to becoming a fully qualified driver with one of the rail operators (assuming you are not a dud).

Obviously a direct traineeship with a rail operator would be better but these positions seem to be rare as hens teeth so is this a viable option?

I have an opportunity in another industry but would hate to pass this up if it gets me to a driver position but I need to make a decision soon.

Thanks in advance for any replies.

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To be brutally honest as someone who works with a few ex Trojan second persons (who are still chasing ever elusive full time work as casuals elsewhere), it’s only a foot in the door and it’s not a good one at that. The training is poor, you’ll be treated poorly and you won’t progress. Trojan like RailTrain keep shovelling people in off the street to replace the ones they burn out.

In a previous roll I’d steer clear of Trojan applicants. I now have the pleasure of passing some not so stellar people that were thinned from the ranks elsewhere as they eke out an existence as not very reputable Trojan second persons after various falls from grace.

At the end of the day you might score a full time gig or a drivers qualification. It won’t be with Trojan though and be prepared to slog it out with all your counterparts fighting for full time jobs in an industry which isn’t exactly screaming for crews at the moment (especially in the middle of a long term ongoing east coast drought).
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For those interested:

At completion of the course you become a casual labour hire employee - not a rail operator employee.

No guaranteed hours - could be a lot of waiting if a cyclone hits or derailment.
No guarentee of permanent location - you can be moved around the system as workload demands.
No route sign-off limiting your hours to 9 a day and thus your income.

I decided not to pursue it - if it was full-time work I think I would have as I have a family to support.
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does it require you to build a large wooden horse and present yourself as a gift to some dockyard?

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