Victorian Goldfields Railway (VGR)

  themetptc Junior Train Controller

Location: Ballarat
Was on WIN News last night that SSR visited the railway and delivered 3 Y class locos to VGR, one appeared to be 157.  Some good news for them. Haven't seen this news anywhere else, so don't know if they were donated or on loan or purchased.

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  lkernan Deputy Commissioner

Location: Melbourne
  LancedDendrite Chief Commissioner

Location: North Haverbrook; where the monorail is king!
As featured in @Greensleeves' latest video:

SSR/Bendigo Railway Workshops also chartered a VGR train for their staff over the weekend - Castlemaine to Maldon return with T386 & T385 running up front. It's been a little while since a T class ran under its own power on the VGR!

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