Trains Collide in the Avon Valley

  Sulla1 Chief Commissioner

A westbound PN service has rear-ended a stationary CBH/Watco grain train in the Avon Valley, 25km east of Perth this morning. Injuries reported.

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  vxII4u Station Master

Sky News are reporting a fatality.
  Fatty Deputy Commissioner

Location: Melbourne
Sky News are reporting a fatality.
The driver of the PN train was killed.
  KRviator Moderator

Location: Up the front
And on that note, any speculation or commentary beyond what is reported in the media will be deleted and the thread locked, no ifs, buts or maybes.

I'm not going to have some foamer speculating about the cause of death of another crewmember.
  Dd592 Beginner

Australian Transportation Safety Bureau have launched an investigation into the crash.

TransWa are operating rail replacement bus services for the Prospector between Perth and Merredin. The AvonLink will be operated by bus.

Thoughts go out to friends, family and colleagues of the PacNat driver at having lost someone so close to Christmas
  bevans Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
A tragedy and the worst possible timing just prior to xmas.  Just terrible.

Do we know loco numbers at all please?
  Dd592 Beginner

Do we know loco numbers at all please?
Aerial photographs are showing the lead loco on the Pacific National train that sustained the bulk of the damage was NR80. The ABC news article also shows a 2nd NR class in PacNat blue and gold that derailed but its number isn't visible
  8888 Chief Commissioner

Location: Shire of Mundaring
NR80 and 59.
  bramt Deputy Commissioner

The line has reopened (with a speed restriction)
  bramt Deputy Commissioner

Correction: one track is open, but there's still wreckage obstructing the other 2. Both locos still there, NR59 is on a severe angle, and a number of crumpled & twisted grain wagons. Looks like they've cleared everything that still rolls, and now need a few cranes.
  Jack Le Lievre Chief Train Controller

Location: Moolap Station, Vic
Following the tragic passing of Greg Reid in a freight train incident just out of Perth recently, a fundraising page has been set up to help Greg’s family take him back to New Zealand to lay him to rest.

The fundraiser has been set up by local Pacific National Management in Perth to assist Greg’s family. Many fellow railway workers around the country have been looking for ways to assist Greg’s family – a true sign of respect for a man whose life has been cut tragically short.
  Bulbous Assistant Commissioner

NR60 was in the flashbutt yard this morning with a flat wagon with the mobile crane on top ready to be unloaded. Further into the siding were some wagons with the cut up remains of some grain wagons inside, and other flat wagons with varying loads (braces, props, etc).



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