Canadian National Rail crippled by blockade -

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I'm surprised that nobody has posted this on Railpage but the entire rail system in Canada has been almost shut down by various anti-gas pipeline protests around the country and the government appears unwilling or unable to act. From The Guardian;

Transport Minister Marc Garneau says the federal Liberal government is "very concerned" about growing anti-pipeline protests that are crippling parts of the country's transport network, including one of the main rail arteries in southern Ontario.

J.J. Ruest, the president and CEO of CN Rail, said in a statement Tuesday the railway has no choice but to temporarily shutter "significant" parts of its network because blockades by Indigenous protesters near Belleville, Ont., and New Hazelton, B.C., have made train movements in the rest of the country all but impossible.

"We are currently parking trains across our network, but due to limited available space for such, CN will have no choice but to temporarily discontinue service in key corridors unless the blockades come to an end," Ruest said.

Ruest said the protests threaten industry across the country, including the transport of food and consumer items, grain, de-icing fluid at airports, construction materials, propane to Quebec and Atlantic Canada, and natural resources like lumber, aluminum and coal...

...Via Rail has had to cancel 157 scheduled trips on the Toronto-to-Montreal corridor as of 8 a.m. ET on Tuesday, leaving 24,500 passengers in the lurch.

The New Hazelton blockade has stopped traffic in and out of the Ports of Prince Rupert and Kitimat in B.C., among the country's largest, halting waterfront operations.

The protesters are predominantly 'first nation' peoples which is probably why the Canadian government is too frightened to act to break their blockades. And where's Justin Trudeau? He's having a sojourn in Africa promoting Canadian produce (which can't get to port at the moment anyway)...

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The Canadian National rail blockade is still dragging on - the entire Canadian rail network east of Ontario is now shut down leading to shortages of critical materials across Canada. CBC:

Pipeline protests in central Canada have choked off the supply of propane by rail into the Maritimes, leading to rationing and fears of running out of supply.

On Thursday evening, CN Rail, the country's largest railway, announced it was shutting down its entire network east of Toronto because Tyendinaga Mohawk demonstrators near Belleville, Ont., had so far refused to dismantle their blockade.

Up to 85 per cent of propane arrives in the Maritime provinces by railcar and the supply is running out, said Nathalie St. Pierre, president of the Canadian Propane Association.

"You currently have about five days before you're getting pretty close to running out, so that has a significant impact," St. Pierre said after talking with dealers in eastern Canada Thursday afternoon.

"We're talking about thousands of people using propane as their main fuel to heat their homes. We're talking about lots of industries relying on propane, whether they're commercial or institutional businesses and seniors' homes. It's getting really critical."

They've been having some really terribly cold weather in Canada recently with things set to get worse in the next week with a new storm front on the Atlantic coast - Toronto is not going to get above -8 celsius today and cities like Halifax are expecting record lows of - 23 celsius, Edmonston -31 (!) There's a distinct possibility that people could freeze to death in their own homes if they can't get gas for heating - surely that's an excuse to break the blockade but again the Canadian Liberal government is too frightened of the 'first nation' protest to do anything.
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The Canadian rail blockade continues - but frustrated locals are taking matters into their own hands and doing what Trudeau's government apparently can't and demolishing the blockades themselves. The Post Millennial;

An extraordinary scene unfolded in Edmonton this afternoon as citizens drove to the site of an anti-pipeline train blockade, tore it down, and loaded it into a truck.

Global TV’s Nicole Stillger tweeted “Counter-protestors hauling away the blockade and loading it into this truck.”

People are beginning to speak up and take action against the anti-pipeline protests and blockades as Canada’s economy is stalling.

City News’ Carly Robinson revealed via Twitter that the protestors had been served with an injunction...

...The blockade is the work of the “Cuzzins of Wet’suwet’en” group that was endorsed by Extinction Rebellion Edmonton.

The protests and blockades throughout Canada are a response to the raid of an anti-pipeline camp in northern British Columbia that was set up to oppose the building of the Coastal GasLink pipeline on Wet’suwet’en territory.

Despite the protests, the Wet’suwet’en Tribal Council and the majority of hereditary chiefs support the pipeline project.

As for the blockade in Edmonton, the tracks are now clear.

The blockade isn't even being supported by the local indigenous people, they have actually signed an agreement to allow the pipeline to be built - but the problem is that a splinter group aligned with (who else?) Extinction Rebellion have been behind the blockade. Frankly Trudeau's unwillingness to do something to get the Canadian rail network going again, indulging this tiny minority of unrepresentative people is nothing short of gutless.
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Trudeau is too busy virtue signalling to deal with it.
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Here Don it's get to get different opinions to your own opinion , so you don't spread pork pies,
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Here Don it's get to get different opinions to your own opinion , so you don't spread pork pies,
Nah sorry C2 but just because the source is potentially biased doesn't mean the actual news is wrong. I've been following this thing closely and there are two facts that stand out clear as day:
  • All of the native American land cooperatives and tribes have agreed to allow the construction of the gas pipeline across their lands, but a very small minority of people from those tribes are still opposed to it.
  • The people conducting the blockade are mostly white activists and mostly organised by Extinction Rebellion - they really have very little to do with the people they are pretending to represent and are looking to protest for the sake of protesting.

Here are some more links from "less biased" news services saying exactly the same thing:

Toronto CTV News: "Coastal GasLink has signed agreements with all 20 elected band councils along the pipeline route, but the Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs say band councils only have authority over reserve land." So how do things get constructed if you have to get every single person to agree?

Global News: "In a Facebook post published Tuesday morning, Extinction Rebellion Vancouver Island said it stands in solidarity with Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs who oppose the Coast GasLink pipeline and accused Horgan, as well as Coastal GasLink and the RCMP, of “trespassing.”

The people who are doing the protesting are NOT representative of the official land councils and are splinter groups of those tribes aligned with Extinction Rebellion. The government and the gas pipeline company did the right thing and got agreement from ALL the land councils involved - only to have to deal with these splinter groups who say that they're the true representatives of those people.

It's an insane situation and you will never get everyone to agree with this pipeline - so the Canadian government needs to stop appeasing this tiny unrepresentative minority and get on with it.
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How the rail blockade is destroying Canada's economy: Canada Forums:

Recently, CN Rail and Via Rail have started suspending services across Canada. This is following days of rail blockades over the Coastal GasLink pipeline slated to run through northern B.C. The feds are willing to sit down with Indigenous leaders, but it seems that there's a catch. Nationwide rail blockades are hurting Canada's economy, as protests over the Coastal GasLink pipeline in northern B.C. show no signs of slowing down. Hopefully, this issue can be resolved fast. Unfortunately, the blockades are stopping the flow of important supplies.

If rail blockades continue, it is possible that there will be more factory shutdowns and more layoffs. CN already recently announced 450 temporary layoffs as disruptions cause $425M worth of goods to sit idle every day.
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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tries - and fails - to resolve the Canadian National rail blockade. Hamilton Spectator:

The stage was set late Friday for a dramatic clash when Wet'suwet'en leaders and their Mohawk sympathizers refused an impassioned demand by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to take down barricades blocking rail traffic and damaging the Canadian economy.

Under increasing pressure from Quebec Premier François Legault who warned Quebec had only a two-day propane supply left and was losing a $100-million a day, Trudeau had signalled his patience had run low and, according to Legault, promised progress within "hours."...

...Wet'suwet'en hereditary chief Woos, also known as Frank Alec, rejected Trudeau's reference to Canadians impacted by the blockades, arguing that mere inconvenience cannot be compared to the devastation of colonialism and the "invasion" of his nation's territory by RCMP officers earlier this month. Police arrested 28 demonstrators to clear a logging road to give TC Energy access to a work site for the Coastal GasLink pipeline, which is already under construction in some areas.

Woos insisted leaders of his nation are ready to meet with federal and provincial ministers but only if their demands — which Trudeau characterized as a "series" of shifting requests — are met.

Doesn't seem to me like the blockade people are negotiating in good faith - and parts of Canada still in the depths of one of the coldest winters in years are starting to run out of LNG for household heating.

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