More people travelling between Canberra and Sydney by train

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  RTT_Rules Oliver Bullied, CME

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The new regional rolling stock will mean that we will have an excess of Xplorers and Endeavours which could be used to provide extra 4 car services to and from Canberra. The track from Goulburn to Canberra really needs to be upgraded to allow 130+ operation.
Gouburn to Bundendore isn't too bad, its the corridor south to Canberra. But agree it wouldn't take much to simply upgrade the track to higher speed without higher cost realignment, although this is desperately needed as well.  Any new alignment and major track work on the CBR branch should be focused on achieving 160 km/h.

The line needs Electric trains, no argument from me there, but the electrons are not to be delivered by costly overhead even if the frequency tripled, rather via mobile gen set placed under the floor.  

With new trains, service frequency should automatically be increased to 5 trains per day as a starter, roughly
5 am, 7-8 am, midday, 3-4 pm and 5-6 pm, basically trains passing just north of Goulburn most of the time to avoid passing on the single track and adding to delays/reliability issues. That probably works out as 4 sets in rotation, two spending every 2nd night in Canberra.

With some track upgrades, new trains and realignment, Canberra would certainly support an hourly service of a reasonable sized train, but the 3.5h travel time needs to be broken, which isn't that hard.
  RTT_Rules Oliver Bullied, CME

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Electrification of SYDNEY to Canberra costs need to include the costs of carbon pollution as they do in Europe when costing. We now need a major package of investment in rail for the major interstate routes like SYDNEY to Canberra and SYDNEY to MELBOURNE with track alignment and speed increases and electrification with renewables.

This must be the priority.
Still won't be justified and complete waste of money while the track is so desperately in need. Also noting that most of NSW power is currently coal, so the real benefit is limited anyway.
  simstrain Chief Commissioner

The new regional fleet will see a significant reduction in operating costs due to the highly efficient diesel electric operation and also because they can use the overhead where available. Instead of 6 engines for every 3 cars as the case would be with a vlocity type train these new trains will only have 2 engines per 3 car sets.

There cold be another benefit if the middle carriage has batteries to store regenerated electricity although I do not know if this will be the case. The better acceleration and top speed of the new trains could also reduce the travel time for these regional services helping the cause even further. The improvement of the track between Goulburn and Canberra is probably the best way to reduce travel time currently.

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