Russian Railways has withdrawn from Iran Projects

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Russian Railways has pulled out from a $ 1.3 billion project for electrification of a railway line between Garmsar, in Iran and Ince Burun (Narrow Cape) in Turkey. The projects were discontinued after the pressure of USA sanctions imposed on the Islamic Republic of Iran. This was reported on Tuesday, February 25.

The project to electrify the railway system from Garmsar to Ince-Burun was commenced in July 2018. The main contractor on the project was Russian Railways’ subsidiary, RZD International LLC. Russian Railways certainly has an office in Tehran, Iran. Iran is part of Russian Railways’ "North-South Corridor."

When Russian Railways stopped work on electrification of the Garmsar - Inche Burun line, it closed a branch in Tehran.

Russian Railways is engaged in other countries in construction of railway infrastructure, electrification of lines, creation of dispatch centers.

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