Inland Railway - Construction Phase

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no connection at Stockinbingal with east west line
There are exactly the same connections at Stockinbingal as there are now.

Westbound trains can turn north at Stockinbingal and southbound trains can turn east.

Southbound trains going west and eastbound trains turning north have to reverse in Stockinbingal yard.

Eastbound trains may turn south at Stockinbingal. Westbound trains can only turn south by running around at Stockinbingal and backing out onto either the lines north or west.

The only flyover at Stockingbingal is that for Burley Griffin Way.

SSR have run trains to Newcastle via Gulgong reversing at Stockinbingal but clearly don't do it often enough to justify a direct connection.


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Interactive map of the Illabo to Stockinbingal (I2S) section,

Notably, the junction at Stockinbingal shows no connection between east and south.
Why does it need one?
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Inquiry into Inland Rail and they haven't even finished the first section.
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In the Stockinbingal to Parkes (S2P) section, the Daroobalgie crossing loop between Forbes and Parkes, has been fast-tracked with construction due to start next year.

Recently checked out the new Y link west of Goobang Junction including the intermodal terminal works. Parkes is on a roll.
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ARTC to modify reference design for Inland Rail route in light of “fatal flaw.”
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Inland Rail - Calvert to Kagaru Project update Feb 2020
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Warning 21min video.

Inland Rail Border to Gowrie (B2G) project fly-through
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Checking this entire thread, the following useful tabulation could not be found. Inland Rail (IR) uses these succinct abbreviations (such as "T2A Tottenham to Albury) extensively and RailPagers are recommended to use the same. The table below would have straighter columns if a common width font can be used, most fonts being of non-standard widths for each character. The 13 sections of the IR are:

T2A Tottenham-Albury (1)                         (305km)
A2I Albury-Illabo          (2)                        (185km)
I2S Illabo-Stockingbal  (3)                           (37km)
S2P Stockingbal-Parkes     (4)                      (99km)
P2N Parkes-Narromine      (5)                     (300km)
N2NS Narrabri-North Star (7)                      (186km)
NS2B North Star-NSW/QLD Border  (8)          (39km)
B2G NSW/QLD Border-Gowrie         (9)        (145km) (Dual Gauge)
G2H Gowrie-Helidon                        (10)       (28km) (DG