Victorians Attempt to Escape to Adelaide on a Freight Train

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If I remember right, those Yanks(a guy and a girl) intended to hop onto 6MB2 as they wanted to head to Sydney but found themselves on 6MP4 which happened to depart first despite the fact that the timetable had slated 6MB2 to depart first. This was on the Thursday night as they spoke to us at Sims St and we tried to tell them that not to stick religiously to the timetable . I guess they caught the wrong train and ended up going 'back from whence they came'.

Not lost on me the guy went back to where he came with his bike a great story.

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  The Vinelander Minister for Railways

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Decent of the magistrate to recognise the desperate circumstances with the pestilence situation in Victoria (and also COVID-19).

Not to mention the mice, rabbits and those pesky locusts Exclamation

By the way...I have no idea what an MS, MB or an MA train is...

  Gman_86 Chief Commissioner

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By the way...I have no idea what an MS, MB or an MA train is...
The Vinelander
ARTC train numbering lingo. For instance 6MB4 I think was mentioned, the first digit (numeric) denotes the day of the week the train departed (1 for Sunday, 2 for Monday etc making 6 equal Friday), the second digit (letter) denotes the trains origin, the third digit (letter) denotes the trains destination and the final digit (numeric) is the path allocated on that specific day to that trains operator.

A simple 6MB4 is easy enough, Friday, Melbourne to Brisbane, the fourth path allocated.

It gets a bit more complicated when you see something like 3KV1 (which was a recent SSR grain heading from North Western Victoria - K - and heading to Goulburn - V - on a Tuesday - 3 -.

MS = Melbourne to Sydney
MB = Melbourne to Brisbane
MA = Melbourne to Adelaide
MP = Melbourne to Perth and so on are all much more straight forward.

I hope that clears that up for you.
  Aaron The Ghost of George Stephenson

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Aaron, is 'taking lunch in the mall' Adelaide slang for Alan Jones/ George Michael style hanky panky? Could explain why you decided to use a public toilet to wash your hands rather than the alcohydrolic gel that the restaurant is obliged to have, and a small bottle of which most people carry around these days. I bet you take your time getting those hands real clean too, no need to rush your time in the public toilet eh...?
First of all, since you are seemingly trying to indicate that you have knowledge or intelligence that exceeds you level of demonstrable ability, perhaps you could tell us what ‘alcohydrolic gel’ is - because it’s not really ‘a thing’.

You mean ‘hydroalcoholic gel’, but whatever, I am more interested in your ability to describe (in detail please) how such a gel removes any non polar solvents, machining/cutting fluid and coolants or traces from heavy metal particulates which have accumulated on my hands from the work I was doing before lunch.

I almost thought you were Victorian based on your apparent lack of knowledge as to what sanitising gel is, how it works, and how to most effectively use it (pro tip: it’s best used AFTER cleaning of hands, and it is NEVER to be regarded as a substitute for washing/cleaning), but actually, now I am not sure enough your even smart enough to have survived Victoria’s outbreak, you must have just been very lucky in a different state.
  Aaron The Ghost of George Stephenson

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Four males involved leaving on a train departing MELBOURNE at 10.30pm last night. Seen by the driver of a passing freight train heading east to MELBOURNE.
What's your point?
Bills point which he forgot to mention, was the train driver of another freight train spotted these NimbRods and called the coppers.

Tell ya what they must have been bloody frozen, seeing the train driver saw them, they must have been out in the open, NimbusRodis Rolling Eyes

Yeah, they would have needed to b