Tourist and Heritage railway groups and their response to COVID-19

  NG Sulzers Deputy Commissioner

Location: Quorn
Pichi Richi Railway services are to resume next weekend with a Brill and Trailer service on Sunday 28th June. This is a service that is not on the printed timetables in circulation, it is a service to carry public passengers to ease back into operation, and also to validate our Covid Safe plans.

Then from Saturday 4th of July, all services will resume as per the printed timetables in circulation until the end of the season. Coffee Pot services are included.

As per our Covid Safe plan, passenger numbers are currently limited to 20 per vehicle/carriage, this will give some of our larger carriages a bit more elbow room. The cap of 20 per carriage is a government directive.  As the situation with Covid-19 improves, it is anticipated the government will adjust numbers.

Because of the seating restrictions per carriage, it is important to book to guarantee a seat. Walk Up passengers intending to travel may not be able to be accommodated. Some services in July are already at maximum booking numbers.

I hope to see you there.

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  bevans Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
BPR is calling off their return to service for now.

  apw5910 Deputy Commissioner

Location: Location: Location.
Canberra Rail Museum will re-open on Sunday, July 5, 10am to 3pm. Visitors are very welcome although we ask all to be remain mindful of health measures such as social distancing.

More info:
  DCook Train Controller

Location: The standard state
The Valley Heights locomotive depot and STARPS have postponed their planned July 17th reopening for an unknown length of time
  DCook Train Controller

Location: The standard state
NSW Status
NSW Rail Museum- Open for pre-booked sessions on weekends
Valley Heights Roundhouse- Closed
Goulburn Roundhouse- Closed
Junee Roundhouse- Open
LVR Cowra Heritage Centre- Open
Canberra Railway Museum- Open

Volunteer activities occurring
Valley Heights- No
Goulburn- Unknown
Junee- Unknown
LVR Cowra- Yes
CRM- Yes
Zig Zag Railway- Yes

No tours are expected to occur for the rest of the year
  route14 Chief Commissioner

When is the Zig Zag railway likely to return to servicable status engineering-wise?
  DCook Train Controller

Location: The standard state
When is the Zig Zag railway likely to return to servicable status engineering-wise?
They were meant to reopen at the end of this year but due to bushfire damage it will be delayed for an unknown amount of time, I have heard various reports of when it will, some say three years, some say five years, some say two years.
Clarence station was hit hard by the fires which exposed a large amount of asbestos, cleanups are underway.
Most of the damage done by the fires was on sleepers, about 300 need to be replaced.

From what I know the order for recommencing services goes something like this: 1- All tracks, signals and sleepers reconditioned, 2- Locomotives and works carriages made operational, 3-Works trains recommence including station repairs at Bottom and Top points, 4- Get passenger certification, 5- Recommence limited services on weekends, 6- Repair Bottom Points workshop, 7- Return to full services

Perhaps someone associated with ZZR could enlighten us on the time frame for reopening?
  Matthew Train Controller

Sydney Tramway Museum is to reopen from next Sunday (9th August), Sundays only.

Trams will be running, but the number of passengers for each trip will be limited to maintain personal separation.

Several trams have been fitted out with 'social distancing' signage and the end doors marked for 'crew use only'.  Only trams with suitable layout to facilitate this will be used.
  Graham4405 Minister for Railways

Location: Dalby Qld
Southern Downs Steam Railway, now rebranded Downs Explorer ran a crew training run yesterday, looking to restart services next month.

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