Grain Harvest 2019-20

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Great info all round, the last few posts. Agree BG I had a captain cook at the radar mid afternoon and thought they would be manning the lifeboats at Donald / Wycheproof, but that wasn't quite the case.

Thanks for the tip Andrewdr I hadn't played around quite that much with the controls, very good. Certainly some solid rain across plenty of cropping country, hay as well, seeing that is a feature on the rails these days. Fingers crossed for some back up rain in the next week or so, perhaps splash some a bit further west as well.


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Wimmera farmers rejoice for much-needed rain after a dry July 2020.

FARMERS rejoiced across the Wimmera at the weekend as timely rain broke a dry spell.

Mr Mibus said "anything was good" after Horsham recorded its driest July since 1997.

"I don't think you would find too many upset guys around the Wimmera.

More rain seems to have fallen in the northern regions, with Beulah farmer Ross Williams recording 23 millimetres.

Link Wimmera MailTimes facebook.

Fairly good rain across the region, although with it being so dry as mentioned, you really want 25-30ml at least 30+ and your doing well but you only get what your given, some showers during the week will be handy.


Bronzel was up around the Wimmera last week and said there is still a lot of grain at Dimboola to go, all but run out of time by now.

where's Dick, he hasn't poked out for a while..........Razz
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Still here Bs , you or the um ur Wimmera times beat me to the rain update, I hear things were looking pretty grim before the rain fell , still more needed and as the farmers hope not to much at once or to heavy, still a long way off from a bumper crop.
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A few fronts rolling through from the west over the next 10 days or so from what I understand, should hopefully deliver a steady stream of falls that set the Wimmera up for spring
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Some follow up for those interested, james, a fairly good report of what's going on Nationally in the grain dept.

Early August rainfall boosts winter crop production outlook.

Australia's winter crop production prospects have received a massive boost as the heavens finally opened across a significant portion of the continent's farming districts in the past 10 days.

Several frontal systems rolled over the nation, delivering much-needed moisture to many crops that were starting to feel thirsty after receiving below average rainfall in June and July.

Rainfall registrations in the past 10 days in Victoria were generally above 15mm across most of the state's cropping areas.

The Mallee crops were parched and showing signs of moisture stress before the change moved through and delivered upwards of 25mm of rain to most of the region's farmers.

Victoria was the 'flag bearer' in terms of eastern states grain production in 2019 and this season's viable cropping area is currently tracking a very similar path to last year.

In the past two years, about 5.75 million tonnes of grain that would typically have been exported has been shipped around the Australian coastline to satisfy domestic demand in NSW and Queensland.

Almost 70 per cent, or 4 million tonnes, of that made its way into the Sunshine State for food and livestock consumption.

Link, the old Wimmera MailTimes,

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