Suggestions need for applying trainee train guard at sydney trains

  rudraa Beginner

Hi Friends,
I am new to this forum, though following and reading for a bit of time. If anyone can suggest or guide when applying for trainee train guard. Please.

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  route14 Chief Commissioner

I don't expect my experience to be too helpful as it was 15 years ago, but I still wish to share it in case it's of any help.
    1. Don't be too pressurized in the interview.  The examiners will try to help you.  Many questions are related to worker rights and their expected answers are in line with the laws, so you don't need to modify your answer to suit the employer, Trainlink NSW.  One of the questions I had was "What if your colleagues got all the overtime and you didn't?"  I recalled that drivers at a Melbourne tram depot once complained that they didn't get enough DOCs (Day Off Cancelled, in other words, work a full-day of overtime on one of the two otherwise scheduled days off).  My driver friend's comment was that overtime was not guaranteed.  I answered "I shall ensure that I do the right work during my normal shifts.  Overtime is not guaranteed."  The examiner immediately changed wording and amended the question: "What if your colleagues got all the good and easy works and you didn't?"  I amended my answer to stress equal rights and got that question ticked off.
    2. Don't hesitate to call back to seek explanation if you didn't get a response.  I had never been employed by an Australian employer prior to that job application so I struggled to find referees, and they needed three.  When I called back, the officer told me "this referee couldn't be contacted, that referee couldn't be contacted..." and I had to provide new ones.  Then the officer handling my application resigned and I never heard from them again.  I hope you are not as unlucky as I was.

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