A 'short-term window' to build infrastructure for long-term gain

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I really like the article as it really sets out the requirements for infrastructure in Australia.

The Global Infrastructure Hub, an Australian initiative at the G20 summit in Brisbane in 2014, estimates Australia faces a $217 billion infrastructure shortfall by 2040.

By its estimates, Australian governments have already committed enough to road and water networks and the biggest problems concern railways and ports.

If you consider the main areas that have been identified being Ports and Railways why are governments still spending massively on Toll Roads which will not deliver the identified value over the period and are unlikely to provide any productivity gains.

The answer is simple.  projects right now are being hijacked by companies who have a vested interest in building roads for profit, it is not about building infrastructure for Australians and Australian businesses.

We need High Speed Rail across the regional centres connecting communities and businesses and we need more money invested in ports and rail access to ports.

The report does not identify any investment in more roads.

A 'short-term window' to build infrastructure for long-term gain

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