New construction and freight jobs in the heart of Western Sydney

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Projects here in NSW really do get going when rail is involved.  Decisions are made and not long after the work starts.  Removing trucks from the roads around Sydney is a no brainer and needs to happen more.  There is enough traffic already and the high price of toll roads and people really not wanting to use the newer ones is contributing to this.

Up to 80,000 truck trips will be taken off Sydney’s congested motorways each year, while 235 jobs will be created in Western Sydney, as part of a combined investment value of up to $100 million to shift freight off the city’s road network and onto rail.

NSW Minister for Jobs, Investment, Tourism and Western Sydney and Member for Penrith the Hon. Stuart Ayres MP was today the guest of honour at a sod turning ceremony to mark the milestone of major construction of a new freight hub in the heart of Western Sydney.
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New toll roads have failed to remove trucks from Sydney roads is a good step towards a cleaner Sydney.

The worrying aspect is this is not really happening in other parts of the country when it should be.  Melbourne has been so slow to fix the rail issue to the port hardly happening and years of promising of port rail shuttles have not started and with funding provided.

Adelaide is just building more roads and more trucks.

Perth is doing well with their rail shuttles.

Brisbane I am not sure as not completely sure what trains use the Port of Brisbane.

New construction and freight jobs in the heart of Western Sydney

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