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The Port of Gioia Tauro is a large seaport in southern Italy. It is the largest port in Italy for container throughput, the 9th in Europe and the 6th in Mediterranean sea.[1] Located north of the city of Reggio Calabria, between the municipalities of Gioia Tauro and San Ferdinando, in Calabria, it is close to the East–West route which stretches from the Strait of Gibraltar to the Suez Canal and serves mainly as a transshipment hub, connecting the global and regional networks that cross the Mediterranean.
I see a problem for rail when I was reading over the weekend.  The port has rail access integrated with the European rail network but a major part of the port has been prevented from loading rail wagons for an unknown reason.  There is a set of barriers preventing access if wagons were spotted into the sidings very odd.

Let me show you the location

Has there been a dispute with the rail freight operator?

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The Eranova berth has rail access and has wagons on the berth.

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