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  Carnot Minister for Railways

Just to clarify

The REAL hbedriver did not make the statement attributed to me.

Those who read my posts will note that I do not make political comments here. I confine my remarks to railway matters

I would appreciate it if the true author using nick-names for elected politicians in that post is credited; irrespective whether I agree or disagree with their remarks, and wrongful use of my title be corrected
I wrote the political statement but it didn't initially post when I tried.  I then replied to a separate comment you made in the Echuca Line Upgrade thread about an hour later but somehow the cached political statement suddenly appeared in here under your name automatically and I was like "What the heck was that!"  

Totally unintentional/accidental - Must be some weird bug in the RP forum code.  You definitely didn't post it and the forum mods/admin need to fix the bug.

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  kitchgp Chief Commissioner

A link to this thread showing in the Victoria forum; last post by hbedriver at 10.15am.

Edit: Disappeared when new post added to one of the other threads, ie
Where am I Victoria? - Non Cryptic - #3
  c3526blue Deputy Commissioner

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WTF is going on???

This thread is now showing up under Victorian group of threads.  Railpage must have succumbed to the Panicdemic and Stupid Virus.  

Chairman Dan's takeover and media idiocy continues.

RIP truth, common sense and reality,

John P
  Carnot Minister for Railways


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