Where am I? #1 (Victorian Country NON-cryptic Edition)

  Somebody in the WWW Banned

Location: Banned
This is a game of the NON-cryptic "Where am I?" game adopted from the one in the Melb. forum.  If you want to play with cryptic questions, see the thread here.

Basically, someone posts a question about a location (ie: "My platform was recently demolished") and YOU have to answer what location they are hinting about. If someone gets it without any subsequent clues, 3 points goes to them. If someone gets it with 1 clue handed out by the one who posted the question, 2 points. And 1 point if someone gets it after two clues have been posted.

3 points: My passenger train service was recently suspended
2 points (clue): Freight trains still pass through me
1 point: I am in the northern region
ANSWER: Rochester

Questions can be asked about any current Victorian country (Cannot be suburban) location, as long as it is current (ie as long as the line is still open. Doesn't matter if it has no pass. service).

I'll start with this question:

(for 3 points)
I still get a passenger train service, but it is infrequent compared to other parts of the state

(edited by VRfan to add scores)

Leaderboard (at 31/8/2005):

ninthnotch: 14
VRfan: 6
T411: 4
Reverend Horton Heat: 3
Ben-P19: 2
pjknife: 1
duttonbay: 1
K160: 1

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  iceman Deputy Commissioner

Location: Back home in Frankston.
  The Fat Controller Chief Train Controller

Location: Macedon, Victoria
  Somebody in the WWW Banned

Location: Banned
No to both of them, though both were good guesses (but still not what i had in mind).
  ninthnotch Dr Beeching

Location: Not here. Try another castle.
Murchison East?
  Somebody in the WWW Banned

Location: Banned
Nope. After 3 more guesses I will post the two point question.
  T411 Moderator

Location: Somewhere
  Somebody in the WWW Banned

Location: Banned
  K160 Minister for Railways

Location: Bendigo
  Somebody in the WWW Banned

Location: Banned
  kayno Locomotive Driver

  Somebody in the WWW Banned

Location: Banned
No. For 2 points:

All scheduled passenger trains that pass through me stop here. Although passengers are often picked up and set down here, this is not the main reason that the trains stop at me.
  kayno Locomotive Driver